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As Indonesians head to the polls on 17 April, Nibras heads out in Yogyakarta to capture the sights at the polling stations.

People are voting in the home of of the village head, or Pak RT. There aren’t that many people so things are going smoothly.

TPS 28, or Polling Station no. 28, is located inside an alley way. Signs directing voters to the TPS are hung on electric poles and walls.

It wasn’t that exhausting to queue.

Ballots are verified by stamping the papers.

There are 5 ballot papers, each with columns and rows of candidates from different parties. The ballot papers are differentiated by colours. It’s really confusing to look at all those names at once.

Four modular booths are provided for the voters make their choices. Considering the size of the ballot papers (to list all the candidates from the different parties), the booths feel too small!

In Ambarketawang, Yogyakarta, the polling post is located in a kampong.

Two young women looking at the list of candidates before they go to the ballot box.

The heat is sweltering and people can’t stand for too long as they wait.

Pak Budi, the head of the village, announces that the polls have closed.

A group of witnesses watch over the count.

For the DPRD election with many candidates, the committee and witnesses have used oranges as weights. It makes the counting easier and more organised!

In the end, Jokowi wins in Ambarketawang’s polling station with 134 votes.

Astro Ruby

Nibras is a student and a freelance illustrator based in Yogyakarta. His work includes posters and book cover illustrations. Find his work on Instagram @astro.ruby or reach him at antares.vi9@gmail.com.