In March 2020, life insurance salesperson Juno Simorangkir was trying not to think about the possibility of dying. 

He tested positive for COVID-19 on 13 March, after several days of fever, body aches and loss of smell and taste. He soon had to stop working, and like much of the world, he was stricken by panic.

But unlike most people who have contracted and survived COVID-19, Simorangkir has not fully recovered. Four visits to two separate specialists saw him hospitalised for nine days before winding up in a state-run quarantine centre in Jakarta, where he spent a month developing new symptoms.

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Gerald Flynn is a freelance journalist based in Cambodia where he covers social, political and environmental issues with bylines in VOD, Mongabay, The Third Pole and Cambodianess.

Farid (he/dia) is a disabled freelance illustrator and comic artist from Malaysia whose work centres around themes of identity, belonging and hope, exploring the intricacies of intersecting marginalised identities in various settings, speculative or otherwise. Farid has been involved in mental health and disability activism via comics or linguistic analyses and talks. Find his work at and Twitter @farideacs.