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Looking Back to the Future

Prof James Warren, author of several groundbreaking subaltern histories of Singapore including “Rickshaw Coolie: A People’s History of Singapore 1880-1940”, reflects on a long career working on Singapore history in this lecture delivered at the National Library of Singapore in January 2019.

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No Smoke Without Fire

In September 2019 New Naratif’s Deputy Editor Aisyah Llewellyn travelled to Jambi Province on the island of Sumatra to report on Indonesia’s deadly haze. At hotspots like Desa Catur Rahayu, fires raged for months turning the air red and toxic.

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Southeast Asia Dispatches — Episode 18

Laura McDowell and Teodosia Dos Reis join domestic workers in Timor Leste as they march for their rights, Adam Bemma talks to political groups in Thailand trying to decentralise politics from the capital of Bangkok, Quinn Libson interviews researchers highlighting Facebook’s struggles with the Khmer language, and James Rose reflects on the weaponisation of the word “Rohingya” in Myanmar.

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Debat Kedua Pilpres 2019

Joko Widodo dan Prabowo Subianto bertarung dalam debat capres kedua pada tanggal 17 Februari 2019. Wakil Editor Bahasa Indonesia di New Naratif, Aisyah Llewellyn membahas dengan Konsultan Editor untuk Kalimantan Nita Roshita, Konsultan Editor untuk Sulawesi Ian Morse, dan kontributor Max Regus tentang debat tersebut dan isu energi, pangan, infrastruktur, dan sumber daya alam di Indonesia.

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Political Agenda — Protest, Activism, and Social Change

Protests are often seen as disruptive and destructive, and are generally frowned upon in Singapore. Activists and performance artists have been arrested and charged under the Public Order Act in recent years, even for indoor forums and solo outdoor performances. In this episode, we sit down to talk to former student activist Tan Tee Seng and civil rights activist Jolovan Wham about activism, social change, and the rule of law in Singapore.

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Southeast Asia Dispatches — Episode 9

This week, Teodosia Dos Reis and Laura McDowell attend the anniversary of Timor-Leste’s Santa Cruz Massacre, Teguh Harahap looks at the future of Kuda Lumping dance seances in Indonesia, Tehmina Kaoosji talks to MP for Batu Kawan Kasthuri Patto about ICERD and Malaysia, and Victoria Milko reflects on the lack of protection for women against violence in Myanmar.