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In November last year, we invited Southeast Asian writers to tell stories about Queer Ecology – the intersections of queer and environmental struggle for the next round of Flash Fiction. The submissions we received were exceptional, and we carefully selected eight remarkable pieces to further develop.

For this instalment of /ba.ca/ with New Naratif, we invited these eight authors to a reading of their works, followed by a Q&A session with them, as well as with the two editors, Bonnibel Rambatan and Fadiyah Alaidrus. 

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Marsha is passionate about digital media and social interactions that emerge within its scope. Currently pursuing her Master’s degree in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam, she hopes to gain a better understanding of the ever-expanding terrain of digital interactions. During her free time, she likes to explore new series and movies.

Ida Palo is a writer, media worker, and activist from Laguna, Philippines. She currently serves as Community Administrator for New Naratif and Regional Coordinator of College Editors' Guild of the Philippines - Southern Tagalog, the oldest and broadest alliance of tertiary campus publications in Asia-Pacific. As a writer, Ida brings trans revolutionary stories to life.