A tear falls down the cheek of a young girl with long black hair, dressed in a pink blouse. Female singer Oeun Sreymom begins to tell her story in a voiceover: a tragic narrative of a young woman sent away from her family and sweetheart to work as a housemaid, only to find that she had actually been trafficked into prostitution.

“If I go in the water, I meet a crocodile. If I go in the street, I meet a tiger,” the song goes in Khmer.

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Eléonore Sok is a journalist, author and photographer based in Cambodia since 2015. She is correspondent for European newspapers and radios, covering mostly politics, environment and culture. She also works on long-term personal stories in the field of image.

Monnyreak Ket is a Designer, Illustrator and Hand Lettering artist who’s working in merging Cambodian art, Phnom Penh scenery and conveying emotional honesty message with modern graphic, dream-like composition and using vibrant yet neutral and desaturated colour scheme.