Charles Yeo, the Chairman of the Reform Party

New Naratif has recently been made aware of previous misogynistic comments by Charles Yeo. We were previously unaware of these comments, and we thank everyone who brought our attention to these comments. We apologise for failing to do our due diligence and challenging Mr. Yeo on those comments in the interview. Misogyny is a form of hate speech and we do not tolerate any form of misogyny. We are very sorry for this error and will do better in the future.

We have chosen to leave the above podcast/video up because a) we wish to be transparent and accountable for our actions and mistakes; and b) because the focus of the podcast discussion is on disagreeing and combating what we argue are xenophobic views expressed by the Reform Party and by its Chairman. This frank exchange of views, and our clear stand against the mainstreaming of xenophobia in the guise of nationalism is, we believe, an important contribution to the political discourse in Singapore and more broadly, Southeast Asia. We hope people will watch/listen to the debate in the podcast and come to their own conclusions.

As always, we welcome the feedback of our audience and our members at [email protected].

– PJ Thum and Sean Francis Han on behalf of New Naratif and Wake Up, Singapore
14 December 2020

Charles Yeo skyrocketed to fame in Singapore’s recent general Election with his courageous and relatable performance on the party political broadcasts. He subsequently was elected chairman of the Reform Party at just 30 years of age, and has gained a devoted following online. He sits down with PJ Thum and Sean Francis Han (Wake Up, Singapore) to talk about that infamous broadcast, his life and how he came to enter politics, and his political beliefs. They engage in a robust disagreement about immigration policy, and discuss Charles’ plans and vision for the future as chairman of the Reform Party.

This episode is a collaboration with Wake Up, Singapore. You can find out more about them online on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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