Appolonia Tesera

Pragmatism is a common claim made by politicians but is a vague term used to justify all sorts of means to an end. What are we willing to accept or overlook in order to reach our goals?

Tintin Pantoja, Kring Demetrio, Tristan, Karla Circe

Artists reflect on the anti-terrorism bill in the Philippines, amidst fears that it erodes constitutional rights and will be used to crack down on dissent. Featuring Tintin Pantoja, Kring Demetrio, Tristan, and Karla Circe.

Hasbi Ilman, Febriana Firdaus

Di balik kontroversi tentang isu Papua merdeka, ada kisah dan pengalaman nyata tentang Benny Wenda, seorang aktivis Papua dan pendiri Gerakan Papua Merdeka yang tengah diasingkan di Oxford selama lebih dari satu dekade.

Anngee Neo

Voter secrecy ensures that individuals can cast their votes without fear or favour—key to ensuring free, fair and competitive elections in democracies.

James Tan, Karla Circe, Kathrinna Rakhmavika, Mandy Chan, Maya Schmidt

Artists reflect on how COVID-19 has changed life in Southeast Asia. Featuring James Tan, Karla Circe, Kathrinna Rakhmavika, Mandy Chan, and Maya Schmidt.

Mei Lian Hoe

"Your hair is yours. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise." The pressure to conform to mainstream "ideals" of beauty and presentation can be restrictive, stifling, oppressive. Mei Lian Hoe reflects on their experience with their hair and Malaysian beauty standards.

Nadiyah Rizki

Different political parties or factions represent different political interests that exist in a society. But partisanship becomes a problem when the interests of the party overrides the collective good of society.

Hasbi Ilman

The story of Benny Wenda, a Papuan activist living in exile in Oxford, and how his own childhood experiences led him to where he is today.

Sonny Liew

The novel coronavirus is grabbing headlines around the world now, but how worried should we be about it? Baffled Bunny and Curious Cat consult Doctor Duck.

Max Loh

Food occupies a very special place in the Malaysian psyche. But what is it that makes a dish authentic?

Charis Loke

Every year, countries in Southeast Asia are affected by the transboundary haze generated by forest fires on peatlands. When cities are cloaked in smog, people complain about the slash-and-burn practices, only to move on once the smoke clears. This artwork is the first in a series of pieces about the haze in Southeast Asia.