James Tan, Karla Circe, Kathrinna Rakhmavika, Mandy Chan, Maya Schmidt

Artists reflect on how COVID-19 has changed life in Southeast Asia. Featuring James Tan, Karla Circe, Kathrinna Rakhmavika, Mandy Chan, and Maya Schmidt.

Mei Lian Hoe

"Your hair is yours. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise." The pressure to conform to mainstream "ideals" of beauty and presentation can be restrictive, stifling, oppressive. Mei Lian Hoe reflects on their experience with their hair and Malaysian beauty standards.

Nadiyah Rizki

Different political parties or factions represent different political interests that exist in a society. But partisanship becomes a problem when the interests of the party overrides the collective good of society.

Hasbi Ilman

The story of Benny Wenda, a Papuan activist living in exile in Oxford, and how his own childhood experiences led him to where he is today.

Sonny Liew

The novel coronavirus is grabbing headlines around the world now, but how worried should we be about it? Baffled Bunny and Curious Cat consult Doctor Duck.

Max Loh

Food occupies a very special place in the Malaysian psyche. But what is it that makes a dish authentic?

Charis Loke

Every year, countries in Southeast Asia are affected by the transboundary haze generated by forest fires on peatlands. When cities are cloaked in smog, people complain about the slash-and-burn practices, only to move on once the smoke clears. This artwork is the first in a series of pieces about the haze in Southeast Asia.

Maya Schmidt

Many of us see politics as something that's too boring, too complex, or even too dangerous to participate in. But what does "politics" actually mean?

Ina Putri Bestari

"To everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community, especially those who are still in the closet: Happy Pride Month. You are valid. You are seen. You are loved."

Ina Putri Bestari

"Untuk teman-teman LGBTQIA+, terutama yang masih sembunyi: Happy Pride Month. Kamu valid. Kamu dilihat. Kamu disayang."

Julia Hannie, Adriana Manan

Demonstrasi dan perarakan yang meluahkan bantahan berupaya menjadi manifestasi ketara pergerakan aktivisme dan sentimen di peringkat akar umbi. Tetapi bagaimana pula mereka yang tidak boleh menyertai perarakan tersebut, atas sebab-sebab tertentu? Apa yang boleh mereka lakukan, dan adakah ia mencukupi?

Julia Hannie

Demonstrations and protest marches can be highly visible manifestations of activism and grassroots sentiment. But what of those who aren’t able, for a variety of reasons, to join such marches? What can they do—and will it ever be enough?

Kia Nazary, Adriana Manan

Kia Nazary mengimbau respons peribadinya kepada Perarakan Wanita 2019 di Kuala Lumpur, dan betapa pentingnya amalan penjagaan diri.