Maya Schmidt

Many of us see politics as something that's too boring, too complex, or even too dangerous to participate in. But what does "politics" actually mean?

Ina Putri Bestari

"To everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community, especially those who are still in the closet: Happy Pride Month. You are valid. You are seen. You are loved."

Ina Putri Bestari

"Untuk teman-teman LGBTQIA+, terutama yang masih sembunyi: Happy Pride Month. Kamu valid. Kamu dilihat. Kamu disayang."

Julia Hannie, Adriana Manan

Demonstrasi dan perarakan yang meluahkan bantahan berupaya menjadi manifestasi ketara pergerakan aktivisme dan sentimen di peringkat akar umbi. Tetapi bagaimana pula mereka yang tidak boleh menyertai perarakan tersebut, atas sebab-sebab tertentu? Apa yang boleh mereka lakukan, dan adakah ia mencukupi?

Julia Hannie

Demonstrations and protest marches can be highly visible manifestations of activism and grassroots sentiment. But what of those who aren’t able, for a variety of reasons, to join such marches? What can they do—and will it ever be enough?

Kia Nazary, Adriana Manan

Kia Nazary mengimbau respons peribadinya kepada Perarakan Wanita 2019 di Kuala Lumpur, dan betapa pentingnya amalan penjagaan diri.

Kia Nazary

Kia Nazary reflects on her responses to the 2019 Women's March in Kuala Lumpur, and how important it is to remember to practise self-care.

Iskandar Salim

What's in a name? A Chinese-Indonesian reflects on names, politics, culture and identity in Indonesia.

James Tan

An otter in Singapore can live a good life as a minor celebrity, but what of other wildlife on the island as the city-state continues to build and develop?

Janelle Retka

As Cambodians nationwide prepare to head to the polls for the country’s sixth general election this month, one woman says she won’t be in the crowds.

Sonny Liew

A historic meeting takes place between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.