A photo of a blahaj Ikea shark plushie (the trans mascot) and a trans pride flag being held up high by Bonnibel Rambatan, who is only slightly visible. A progress pride flag can be seen in the background. The image is stylised in polaroid and has the text "Courage is Collective" and the hashtags for Transgender Day of Visibility 2023.

Courage is Collective: A Retrospective for Transgender Day of Visibility 2023

Editorial Manager Bonnibel Rambatan presents a personal experimental short comic on the idea of visibility, courage, and collective care for this year’s Transgender Day of Visibility.

Artist’s Notes

This piece on Transgender Day of Visibility was inspired by two things. The first was ND Stevenson’s short comic on being braver. The second was Ley Trans, a law that commenced earlier this month (2 March 2023) that permits gender self-identification in Spain. I love how these two represent the two poles of being trans: the very personal private dimension and the very political public dimension. Of course, as a feminist, I believe the personal is always political, hence my attempt to explicitly connect the two.

The choice to utilise photos from other artists was deliberate, as a way to echo the collective dimension of the work. Editing these photos into a polaroid aesthetic with handwritten fonts was my way to frame (also literally!) this collectivity into the personal. The banner itself was a photo I dug up from my private collection, but since we are talking about visibility, I thought, why not? Finally, I’ve also selected the colour scheme of the photos to subtly recreate the colours of the trans flag.

I hope this piece resonates with you!

Other Works on Trans Issues in New Naratif

Join the conversation on feminism as an integral part of the fight for democracy in our upcoming /ba.ca/ with New Naratif: Feminism as a Tool for Democracy in Southeast Asia. You can’t have democracy without women’s rights and SOGIESC equality.

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