This comic series is adapted from an original report by Fadiyah Alaidrus, published in Project Multatuli under the BEBESEA Fellowship. Read the original story here. Read more about this year’s Call for Proposals of the Story Fellowship here.

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Don’t let the Indonesian government kill Devy Christa’s mother.

Until the time of publishing, President Joko Widodo has yet to pardon Merry Utami for her alleged crimes. Sign this petition today to urge him to remove her from death row.

Fadiyah Alaidrus is an English Language Content Editor for New Naratif. Their works have been published in Wall Street Journal, Mongabay, Coconuts Jakarta, Project Multatuli, Tirto, Tempo, etc. Mainly, they write about environmental, gender and human rights issues.

Bonni is New Naratif's Editorial Manager. They are an independent scholar and writer of critical theory, psychoanalysis, and philosophy, with a professional career spanning various media industries from comics, publishing, and film.

Aisah PL is a comic artist and storyboard artist based in Tangerang, Indonesia, with a focus on creating works with social and environmental issues. Her body of work include Love Deadline (2015), Antaboga (2016-2017), and Sofia: Fashion Investigations (2018-2020).

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