Upcoming Events

Our events are a critical part of New Naratif’s activities and one of the primary ways with which members participate in our movement. This page lists upcoming events. Events are open to all unless indicated.

  • Democracy Classroom: The Role of Media in Activism and Politics. 17 November 2020. 7.00 – 8.30 pm SGT (12.00 noon BST/6.00 am EST). Join us for a democracy classroom to discuss the role of media in activism and politics. A democracy classroom is all about engagement and conversation. We’re not looking for solutions or consensus—feel free to disagree with others or seek clarification. It’s okay if your own position hasn’t been fully formed—use this democracy classroom as a space to articulate thoughts that you might not have had the opportunity to voice before. Ask for feedback. Question one another, challenge one another. This is a chance to express, but also to listen. Register here

Events During COVID-19

  • In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Naratif will not be holding any in-person events. The health and safety of our team, members and the general public are our top priority. We are currently discussing online events that we can hold. Feel free to suggest event ideas to Deborah, our Membership Engagement Coordinator. You can email her at deborah.augustin@newnaratif.com.