Haze in KL – New Naratif

Haze in KL - New Naratif

“I’m part of the school’s football girls team and that [the haze] was really horrible because training was cancelled a lot of times, and even if it was not cancelled, we would have do it inside. With a sport like football which involves a lot of running, what we did inside was just fitness or passes, and I feel that really impacted us because it was for such a long period of the time. The school’s football season is only from August to October, so it was really bad because we knew we were wasting most of our time. We went to Jakarta for a competition and the haze there was much lower than here, we could play outside, but even if we still did try very hard, I feel that in comparison to other schools from different countries we didn’t do that good because we couldn’t train properly,” said Matilde Abreu, 16, who studies at an international school in Kuala Lumpur. Matilde is portrayed with the same kind of mask she was wearing at school during the haze on which she wrote a message expressing her hope for the future. Credit: Alexandra Radu

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