Editorial Manager New Naratif, Bonnibel Rambatan, bercakap-cakap dengan lima seniman trans lainnya yang berkarya untuk memperingati Transgender Day of Remembrance tahun ini.

Trigger warning: Diskusi tentang transphobia, kekerasan, dan bunuh diri.

Untuk yang telah lalu, untuk yang akan datang. Untuk kita sekarang dan untuk mereka yang ada di alam sana. Yang terlihat dan yang tak terlihat. Di sini, namun tak di sini.

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Bonni adalah Editorial Manager New Naratif. Dia adalah seorang pelajar independen dan penulis teori kritis, psikoanalisis, dan filsafat, dengan karir profesional yang melintasi berbagai industri media dari komik, penerbitan, hingga perfilman.

Jes and Cin Wibowo are twin Indonesian writers and artists for comics. They're currently working on a queer Indonesian middle grade graphic novel, Lunar Boy, to be published in the US.

Asmara S. Wigati is a visual artist and anthropologist based in Indonesia. As an anthropologist, they are particularly interested in the intersection of queerness, popular and alternative music, and contemporary Internet subcultures. As an artist, they are driven by queer melancholy and longing, conveyed by their mostly black-and-white and monochromatic style. Contact them on Instagram at @trash__glamour.

Frank Lazuardi H. is a queer, genderqueer, trans, and disabled artist/writer from Indonesia. Their favorite pastimes include drawing, listening to music (particularly jazz and adjacent genres, rock, metal, and K-pop), and telling people that their first name is short for "Frantrans", because they're definitely not "Francis"!

Coccariae/Cocca is a freelance illustrator who professionally also works as a concept artist in daily life. As nonbinary person and an interior design graduate, they have a certain obsession about imagining and creating certain realm where all kinds of people can live and do their own rights equally without any single power abuse from certain parties. Yet the reality in this world cannot be changed within just one night, the only role that they can do is to project how such granduous idea should exist through their pen, and sometime expressing their own imaginations.

Remi Fatamorgana is a transnonbinary neurodivergent design graduate currently looking for work and communities to connect with. He loves daydreaming about a posthuman future as way to reclaim dehumanisation, 'a mutant faith', as one of his favourite artist Arca said: a belief in the promise of the othered—a faith for mutants, outcasts, freaks, weirdos, the othered, migrants—an intersectional rallying cry for the spirit.