“I never felt lonelier,” said Joseph in a confessional video uploaded to TrueLove.Is’ Youtube channel. Despite meeting countless men for casual sex, Joseph said he felt a void that no man could fill. 

After struggling to find happiness as a gay man, a chance encounter with a Christian friend led him to pursue a different path. He decided to renounce his homosexual identity and strive to resist his feelings of attraction towards other men. He now lives his life in pursuit of celibate holiness in the belief that only God—not another human man—can fill the emotional void in him.  

Joseph is one of numerous individuals who have publicly shared their experiences as Christians struggling with same-sex attraction as part of the TrueLove.Is campaign, which seeks to provide a platform for Christians struggling to reconcile their faith and their same-sex attraction. 

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Daryl Yang - New Naratif

Daryl Yang

Daryl Yang co-founded and served as the inaugural Executive Director of the Inter-University LGBT Network. He was also an intern with ILGA World and a summer law clerk at the National Center for Lesbian Rights.