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At the height of Indonesia’s COVID-19 crisis, Stephani Soejono brought her reluctant mother to the hospital hoping to get her treatment for a mysterious illness. Thus began their long confinement to a tiny room, where they anxiously awaited visits by medical professionals who had few answers and even less time.

In the process of caring for her ailing mother, Stephani discovered her own need to be cared for.

Content warning: This comic includes references to cancer.

Artist’s Note: There’s a saying: you process things by telling stories. I’m not sure exactly what I’m processing. I want to wish that everything is better, that we did not have to deal with this in the pandemic, but I can’t say if it would have been better. As someone else said, this is like looking both ways before crossing a road, but you’re still attacked by a shark coming from nowhere.

Rest in peace, Ma. We miss you.

Stephani Soejono

Stephani Soejono is an illustrator and comic artist based in Jakarta. She is passionate about Southeast Asian history and culture, travelling and food. You can find her work at stephanisoejono.com and contact her at stephani.soejono@gmail.com