Consultant for Development of Educational Materials

New Naratif is a movement for democracy, freedom of information, and freedom of expression in Southeast Asia. We publish information, empower people to create change, and advocate for progressive values in Southeast Asia. Learn more about us here.

We invite people who share our values of mutual respect and engagement to join our community and further our movement. We are seeking warm, empathetic people who can communicate and collaborate well, and work flexible hours.

Interested parties should email PJ Thum (Managing Director) with a CV and relevant documents at pingtjin.thum AT

Job Description

New Naratif is looking for a fixed term (approx. 3 months) consultant to assist us in developing a democracy classroom syllabus focusing on principles of democracy as applicable to Malaysia and, more broadly, Southeast Asia. 

The consultant will work with New Naratif to help us develop democracy classrooms at two levels:

The first level will be based on New Naratif’s existing democracy classroom format. The consultant will help improve the existing classrooms to make them more fun and accessible to a wide range of adults, even when conducted over video calls, and should incorporate maximum accessibility for people of all backgrounds and abilities. The syllabus will include succinct introductions to various democratic principles such as Rule of Law, Freedom of Expression, and Consent of the Governed for a beginner level of classes, and seek to make the classes as engaging and interactive as possible. 

The second level should be more focused on understanding democratic theory and its relevance and applicability to local circumstance, and in particular, helping attendees turn that theory into practice. These courses will require a syllabus for a more advanced class, building off the beginner classes, for those who already have some familiarity with basic democratic principles. This intermediate level of classes will gather suggested reading, videos and podcasts, including content from New Naratif, to enrich students’ knowledge of democratic principles, including content from New Naratif and give them examples of how people have made a positive democratic change in their societies. This syllabus should incorporate educational best practices for distance learning, online classroom participation, and active learning. These classes would also include a coursework component, where participants should put theory into practice.

Deliverables: Two sets of syllabi, course materials, and a guide for facilitators on how to conduct the classes to maximise interaction, enjoyment, and learning. 

Candidates with a background in education and a knowledge of Southeast Asia and its politics are encouraged to apply.