Tonggo Simangunsong

Pandemi turut menimbulkan riak bagi tatanan sosial budaya masyarakat Batak. Berbagai ritual kematian sakral—yang dapat berlangsung berhari-hari dan dihadiri ratusan orang—kini harus turut disiasati.

Tonggo Simangunsong

In North Sumatra, Indonesia, Batak culture has strong, distinct rituals around death known as adat. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, these customs have had to be adapted. Is Batak adat in the midst of a cultural sea change?

Emily Ding, Charis Loke, Ellena Ekarahendy, Jessica Xu


Aisyah Llewellyn

At a cemetery designated for the COVID-19 pandemic’s dead in Medan, Indonesia, staff require mourners to wear protective clothes, and offer to capture their visit on camera for posterity.

Foong Li Mei

In Malaysia, police violence and deaths in custody are much-overlooked concerns, despite calls for investigation from human rights watchdogs. The numbers, and detainees and advocates behind them, show a grim, complicated picture.

Kieran Murray, Photographer: Andy Ball

Each year, hundreds of people in Cambodia are estimated to die of rabies, which is treatable but fatal once symptoms present. Animal welfare and health experts say vaccinating the nation’s dogs and controlling the dog meat trade could help prevent deaths.

Mech Dara, Ananth Baliga

During the rainy season, rising waters in the rice fields surrounding Cambodia’s Koh Andet district provide an ample supply of rodents. As the global economic downturn leaves many jobless, some are turning to catching and exporting rats to make ends meet.

Reno Surya, Photographer: Ivan Darski

Area lokalisasi Dolly di Surabaya dulunya terkenal luas untuk kekerasan dan kejahatan di dalamnya. Sejak akhir 1980an, Lilik Sulistiowati menyusuri gang-gang sempit dan gelap kawasan itu—membaktikan hidupnya untuk anak-anak dengan HIV dan orang-orang lain yang dipinggirkan masyarakat.

Reno Surya, Photographer: Ivan Darski

In Surabaya, Indonesia, the red-light district of Dolly was notorious for crime and violence in the 1980s. Rather than look away, Lilik Sulistiowati moved into the community to care for children living with HIV and others who society left behind.

F Daus AR

Wet talcum powder is known across Indonesia for having a wide variety of health benefits. But changes in the environment and agricultural practices have meant that its production—usually handed down through generations—could soon dry up.

Adi Renaldi

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, medical waste was an environmental problem in Indonesia, found in almost all the nation’s landfills. This year, a documented rise in medical refuse in Indonesian waterways threatens both the environment and human health.

Zulkifli Mangkau

Dampak krisis iklim menghantam seluruh Gorontalo—dari sungai, pegunungan, hingga pesisir. Masyarakat setempat menerapkan cara sendiri untuk bertahan dan mewariskan bumi ke generasi berikut.