Teguh Harahap

In 1965 Indonesia experienced anti-communist purges which left thousands, or perhaps millions, of people dead. In North Sumatra, a former political prisoner reflects on what it was like to be labelled a communist and experience the “curse” of Suharto firsthand.

Randy Mulyanto

Setiap hari Minggu, para pekerja migran Indonesia di Taiwan berkumpul di stasiun kereta api utama Taipei untuk bertemu dengan rekan-rekan sesama pekerja migran lainnya. Selain menyediakan ruang berkumpul, tempat-tempat umum ini juga menawarkan berbagai program pendidikan yang dapat membantu memberi keamanan finansial saat mereka kembali ke tanah air.

Randy Mulyanto

Every Sunday, Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan gather at Taipei’s central train station to meet with their peers. In addition to providing a place to bond, these public spaces also offer a chance to follow a range of educational programmes that could lead to financial security when they return home.

Warief Djajanto Basorie

Indonesia menuju pemilihan umum pertengahan April ini dan kampanye sudah berlangsung penuh. Selagi Jokowi sang petahana berhadapan lagi dengan jenderal purnawirawan TNI-AD Prabowo Subianto, adu ujar pun membara.

Warief Djajanto Basorie

Indonesia heads to the polls in mid-April, and campaigning is already in full swing. As the incumbent Jokowi faces off once more against former army general Prabowo Subianto, a war of words has been unleashed.

Nick Aspinwall

The Lumad community in the Philippines is speaking out against ‘Cha-Cha’—Duterte’s proposed constitutional changes that would transfer power to the local level and lift restrictions on foreign investment. Mindanao’s indigenous community says this will leave them vulnerable to the increasing presence of extractive industry.

Johannes Nugroho, Charis Loke

UU ITE telah lama dinilai sebagai produk hukum dengan pasal-pasal “karet” yang rawan disalahgunakan “penguasa”. Kini muncul juga kekhawatiran bahwa UU tersebut sedang digunakan untuk membungkam para aktivis mahasiswa sekaligus mengekang kebebasan mereka untuk berpendapat.

Johannes Nugroho, Charis Loke

Critics have long considered Indonesia’s UU ITE law to be elastic and easily abused. But there are now fears that the cyber law is increasingly being used to muffle student activism and curb free speech on Indonesian campuses.

Seulki Lee

The World Bank positions itself as a source of support for local communities across Southeast Asia through its funded projects. But there are those who feel that it has failed in its mission to address grassroots voices.

JJ Rose

Chiang Mai in Thailand’s north provides its residents and visitors with a very different vibe from Bangkok in the south. And the local street art community is adding a splash of colour to the historical city.

New Naratif

It's been a big year for us, finding our feet and growing our platform. As we hurtle towards the new year, members of the New Naratif team pick out some highlights from 2018 that you shouldn't miss.

Deborah Augustin

The national costume segment of the Miss Universe beauty pageant sees women parading outfits ranging from the sublime to the surreal. Designing these costumes can be a challenge for teams in heterogeneous countries, but also a perfect opportunity for nation-states to engage in public relations.

Aisyah Llewellyn

Our final wrap for 2018: Myanmar struggles with its peace process, concerns over internet freedom persist in Vietnam, Singapore's civil society braces for a rough 2019, and Malaysians hope for progress after a momentous year.

Eléonore Sok, Monnyreak Ket

Cultural products, like pop music, might not be as overtly in opposition to the powerful in Cambodia, but aren’t free from censorship or regulation. After all, controlling art is one way to control the narrative.

Basilius Triharyanto

Bagi tahanan politik Papua, penjara bukanlah akhir segalanya. Mereka tetap berkomitmen untuk memperjuangkan kemerdekaan, bahkan setelah mereka dibebaskan dari penjara, sembari berjuang untuk membenahi hidup mereka setelah melalui masa-masa yang sulit.

Basilius Triharyanto

For Papuan political prisoners, being locked up is not the end. Committed as they are to the struggle for independence, many prisoners continue to fight for their cause upon release, even as they struggle to pick up the pieces of their disrupted lives.

Zubaidah Jalil, Teguh Harahap

Singapura sering diperbincangkan sebagai sebuah keajaiban ekonomi, namun penekanannya yang besar pada meritokrasi dan kemandirian dapat merusak pemahaman seseorang terhadap sejumlah persoalan seperti ketidaksetaraan, kemiskinan, dan tunawisma.