F Daus AR

Wet talcum powder is known across Indonesia for having a wide variety of health benefits. But changes in the environment and agricultural practices have meant that its production—usually handed down through generations—could soon dry up.

Adi Renaldi

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, medical waste was an environmental problem in Indonesia, found in almost all the nation’s landfills. This year, a documented rise in medical refuse in Indonesian waterways threatens both the environment and human health.

Zulkifli Mangkau

Dampak krisis iklim menghantam seluruh Gorontalo—dari sungai, pegunungan, hingga pesisir. Masyarakat setempat menerapkan cara sendiri untuk bertahan dan mewariskan bumi ke generasi berikut.

Jules Rahman Ong, Translator: Tina Carmillia

Suara benci yang ditujukan kepada pelarian di Malaysia, yang sering berpunca daripada maklumat palsu, telah tersebar di atas talian ketika negara sedang berhadapan ancaman COVID-19. Retorik yang dikatakan dirancang itu telah menyebabkan sesetengah orang menentang golongan pelarian dan pendatang.

Fadiyah Alaidrus, Eduard Lazarus, Nibras Ali

For years, farmers and residents caught in agrarian conflicts throughout Indonesia have faced criminalisation, brutality and murder. The mandate to conduct social distancing, however, provides the authorities with further justification to thwart their fight.

Emily Fishbein, Jaw Tu Hkawng, Photographer: Benjamin, Photographer: Hasnoor Hussain

Since Malaysia imposed a Movement Control Order amid the COVID-19 pandemic, immigration raids following strict lockdown orders have affected refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers. In addition to the virus, these communities must also cope with persistent fears of possible arrest and deportation.

Kirsten Han, Charis Loke

Misinformation has been circulating within Singaporean circles during the COVID-19 outbreak, especially within closed messaging apps like WhatsApp. Yet the country’s anti-“fake news” law is of limited use in tackling false narratives within these spaces.

Lorcan Lovett

The Sikhs in Myanmar have survived the Imperial Japanese Army, anti-Indian campaigns and military-managed nationalisation, but their community is facing perhaps its biggest challenge yet: the aspirations of its youth.

Brennan O'Connor

Numerous hydropower dams are being built or planned in Myanmar, causing serious concern for the environment. The problem is further compounded by the fact that these dams constructed in areas of ethnic conflict.

Eko Rusdianto

Biarpun pemerintah Indonesia melarang sabung ayam, para penduduk Toraja di Sulawesi Selatan tetap menikmati hiburan yang hidup sebagai tradisi masyarakat selama ratusan tahun tersebut.

Adi Renaldi, Muhammad Ishomuddin

As COVID-19 has spread across Indonesia, with Jakarta at the centre of viral transmission, the capital’s under-resourced Emergency Ambulance Service and relatively small number of first responders and vehicles have become increasingly overwhelmed.