Aisyah Llewellyn

Among this week's round-up of stories to watch in Southeast Asia: the repatriation of the Rohingya to Myanmar is halted, LGBT issues are in the spotlight in Indonesia again, and US-Brunei defence ties develop.

George Wright

Ethnic Vietnamese, who have long faced discrimination in Cambodia, are being evicted from their floating villages, destroying a way of life that has been maintained for generations.

Warief Djajanto Basorie

Hutan mangrove dapat menyimpan lima kali lebih banyak karbon dioksida per hektare dari karbon hutan dataran tinggi. Ini membuat mangrove menjadi pelaku unggul dalam melawan perubahan iklim. Tetapi mangrove di Indonesia masih kurang diteliti dan kurang dalam tatakelola.

Warief Djajanto Basorie

Mangrove forests can store more carbon dioxide per hectare than upland forests, making them a heavy hitter in the fight against climate change. But they’re under-researched and under-managed in Indonesia.

Nisa Kreems

The dynamics of Singapore’s property market could force a loved underground venue to vacate its current home. The situation—one that’s all too common on the island—shines a greater light on how structural pressures hurt the growth of alternative arts and music.

Ian Morse

Sunat perempuan banyak dipraktikkan di seluruh Indonesia. Berlawanan dengan klaim pendukung prosedur, praktek itu tidak hanya simbolis dan bisa menyebabkan masalah kesehatan dan trauma jangka panjang.

Ian Morse

Female circumcision is widely practiced across Indonesia. Despite the claims of some advocates of the procedure, it’s not just symbolic and can cause long term health issues and trauma.

Aisyah Llewellyn

Among this week's round-up of stories to watch in Southeast Asia: Formula 1 racing heads to Hanoi, a nun accused of being "anti-Duterte" is kicked out of the Philippines, Indonesia continues to search for victims of the Lion Air crash, and Malaysia struggles to balance the books.

Danielle Keeton-Olsen, Sineat Yon

For women in Cambodia, surrogacy can seem like the road to financial solvency. But many find that it puts them at risk of unexpected health issues and can even result in imprisonment due to the lack of clear laws to protect surrogates.

Aisyah Llewellyn

Among this week's round-up of stories to watch in Southeast Asia: a Thai businessmen might have perished in a helicopter crash, demonstrations take place across Indonesia, Malaysia produces an e-book the LGBT community won't find helpful, and Singapore gets deadly.

Zubaidah Jalil

Singapore is often talked about as an economic miracle, but its heavy emphasis on meritocracy and self-reliance can undermine one’s understanding of issues like inequality, poverty and homelessness.

Eduard Lazarus

In Indonesia, alleged human rights violators from military backgrounds have cemented their position as figures of authority in the current political landscape. Mechanisms hindering any judicial process that could bring them to court means there is little accountability.

Leonie Kijewski, Weiying Wu


Monica Macansantos

The effects of Typhoon Mangkhut, the strongest typhoon in the world this year, were felt differently by different communities. For Monica Macansantos, it highlighted a long-standing economic and cultural divide, turning a 30-minute trip into a journey to a completely different experience.

Rinith Taing, Teguh Harahap

Saat ini, Penjara Con Dao di Vietnam Selatan merupakan sebuah museum yang didedikasikan untuk rakyat Vietnam yang berjuang demi kemerdekaan dari Prancis, tempat di mana para nasionalis Kamboja dipenjarakan secara keji. Kisah mereka sebagian besar telah banyak diabaikan selama bertahun-tahun.