Emily Fishbein, JK

The National League for Democracy had promised in 2016 it would solve all land dispute issues within six months, but for the villagers of Shwe Nyaung Pin village in Myanmar's Kachin State, this commitment has yet to be realised.

Suraendher Kumarr, Daryl Yang

When Monica Baey took to Instagram to express dissatisfaction over the National University of Singapore’s handling of sexual harassment, a network of students mobilised to demand reform. Two students actively involved in the movement reflect on this episode of student activism.

Ooi Kok Hin, Appolonia Tesera

Interracial and interfaith relationships aren’t unique to Malaysia, but it does get more complicated in contemporary Malaysia than in many other contexts, especially when the state sees ethnicity and religion as overlapping and heavily regulates and intervenes in deeply personal matters.

Andrew Nachemson

Multiple hydropower dams on the Mekong River and its tributaries have impacted fisheries and flooded villages, with benefits reaped by energy companies while costs are borne by fishing households. With more dam projects planned in the Mekong region, environmentalists warn that the consequences to countries like Cambodia could be severe.

Sophie Raynor

In its early days of independence, Timor-Leste had one of the world’s highest birth rates. 20 years on from the nation’s vote for freedom, those babies are on the brink of adulthood, having grown up in a sovereign country still bearing the bruises of a vicious fight for freedom.

Dominique Dillabough-Lefebvre, Brennan O'Connor

The Wa are seeking methods of engaging with international partners and their Burmese and Chinese counterparts. Attempts to open up and demystify what has long been perceived as a secretive and isolated region must coming alongside local engagement.

Richaldo Hariandja, Aisyah Llewellyn

Mass organisations have a long history in Indonesia. But while they originally had a positive purpose, a case in the city of Bogor highlights how they can be used to breed intolerance.

Ruby Thiagarajan


Lam Le

For a while, #MeToo stories popped up in Vietnam. Yet the movement failed to take off. A year later, though, more discussion of sexual assault and harassment is taking place, after two cases that took place in residential lifts drove home the message that it can happen to anyone.

Ruby Thiagarajan

A recent ad campaign for an e-payment system in Singapore featured a Chinese Singaporean actor in brownface as a Malay woman and an Indian man. Responses have since demonstrated the need for deeper understanding and discussion of racism and power in the city-state.

Aisyah Llewellyn, Ranto Sibarani

Gunung berapi Gunung Sinabung telah meletus selama beberapa tahun, menyebabkan ratusan penduduk desa mengungsi. Sekarang mereka terperangkap antara rumah pengungsi yang disediakan pemerintah atau kembali ke rumah lama mereka yang berada di Zona Merah Gunung Berapi.

Kirsten Han, Adriana Manan

Pannir Selvam, warganegara Malaysia, telah diizinkan penangguhan pelaksanaan hukuman sehari sebelum dijadualkan digantung di Singapura. Ini memberi keluarganya sedikit harapan, tetapi rejim hukuman mati berkaitan dadah di Singapura melangkaui persoalan keluarga.

Sangkari Pranthanam, Adriana Manan

Pannir Selvam ialah banduan akhir di Singapura. Tarikh hukumannya adakah pada Mei 2019, tetapi pada saat akhir penangguhan pelaksanaan diizinkan. Kakaknya Sangkari berkongsi kisah adiknya dan meminta sokongan untuk menyelamatkan nyawanya.

Sangkari Pranthanam

Pannir Selvam is on death row in Singapore. He was due to be executed in May 2019, but managed to obtain a last-minute stay of execution. In this piece, his older sister Sangkari tells his story and makes a plea for support to save his life.

Maggi Quadrini

Shaping awareness of what it means to be a feminist in Thailand is not without its challenges, especially in a context where men cringe at the word. Feminists are threatening to undermine the status quo that assumes that women are not to question men.