Hallam Stevens

The TraceTogether app in Singapore has been controversial since its inception. While it may ultimately prove very successful, there is a worry that it plays on the fears of citizens and will increase levels of distrust in the local community.

Nadiah Rosli

Southeast Asia is one of the regions in the world most affected by climate change. Faith-based communities and organised religions have immense potential to address issues of climate change and environmental justice through their collective engagement, ethical teachings and ability to influence action among adherents.

Jules Rahman Ong

Massive deforestation is decimating wildlife and biodiversity in Malaysia. For the Orang Asli who live on ancestral land in the rainforest, the daily struggle to protect their rights has been made even more challenging by the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

Eko Rusdianto

Ayam menempati posisi penting di Toraja, Sulawesi Selatan, dan merupakan bagian dari mitologi dan sejarah lokal. Meski adu ayam merupakan bentuk perjudian, praktik tersebut juga menempati peran penting dalam adat—dari ritual kematian hingga penyelesaian konflik.

Eko Rusdianto

Chickens hold prestigious positions in Toraja, South Sulawesi. Their presence is embedded in local mythology and history, and cockfighting is an activity that’s not only a form of gambling, but also part of important rituals and used for conflict resolution.

Tiffany Teng

Musicians and poets in Myanmar have long been linked to political activism, and this is still true today. Though expressing their opinions and fighting for human rights may get them into trouble, these rebellious and audacious spirits channeled their anger into starting progressive social movements.

Finneke Wolajan

Meskipun memiliki jejak sejarah yang panjang di nusantara, Yudaisme tidak termasuk dalam enam agama resmi Indonesia. Kini, sebuah komunitas Yahudi di Sulawesi Utara—tempat berdirinya satu-satunya sinagog di Indonesia—berupaya menghidupi kepercayaan mereka sambil berinteraksi dengan damai dengan pemeluk agama lain.

Finneke Wolajan

Despite a long history in Indonesia, Judaism isn’t one of the country’s officially recognised religions. But a small community in North Sulawesi—home to the only synagogue in the archipelago—isn’t letting that hold them back from worshipping while living in harmony alongside neighbours of other religions.

Tonggo Simangunsong

Pariwisata halal telah menjadi bisnis besar di Asia Tenggara beberapa tahun belakangan. Tetapi bagi masyarakat yang menempatkan babi sebagai komoditas penting dalam aktivitas ekonomi maupun budaya, inisiatif pemerintah ini menimbulkan kontroversi.