Michael Beltran

In 2017, thousands of homeless, urban poor took over empty homes in Pandi, in the Philippine province of Bulacan. They have since built their own community there, making decisions as a collective and keeping up the occupation despite threats and intimidation.

Adam Bemma

Thailand’s 1954 Military Service Act states that all Thai males are required to serve in the military at the age of 21, even though there are ways to get out of it. Some are now arguing that conscription should be cut down, reformed, or maybe even abolished.

Emily Ding, Charis Loke, Ellena Ekarahendy

Months after regime change in Malaysia, the new government began to consider the question of abolishing capital punishment. Their deliberations have caused some controversy, but the case of one death row inmate raises questions about the potential of wrongful executions.

Emily Ding, Charis Loke, Adriana Manan, Ellena Ekarahendy

Beberapa bulan selepas perubahan rejim di Malaysia, kerajaan baharu mempertimbangkan pemansuhan hukuman mati. Perbincangan ini mencetuskan beberapa kontroversi, namun kes seorang banduan yang dihukum mati membangkitkan persoalan tentang kemungkinan berlaku hukuman yang tersilap.

Ng Kok Hoe, Teo You Yenn


Josep Prat, Duachaka Her

In 2011, thousands of ethnic Hmong Christians gathered in a district in northwest Vietnam to demand religious freedom. Their demonstration was eventually met by Vietnamese state security forces, and the area has been largely closed to visitors since.

Kirsten Han, Foong Li Mei, Tuan Nini, Adriana Manan

Warga Malaysia dan Singapura sentiasa bertekak tentang asal usul beberapa makanan, membandingkan budaya makanan jalanan dan mengusik sesama mereka. Tetapi, memahami pengalaman para penjaja dalam mengurus perniagaan mereka mendedahkan beberapa cabaran semasa yang dihadapi di kedua-dua negara.

Kirsten Han, Foong Li Mei, Tuan Nini

Malaysians and Singaporeans constantly squabble over the ownership of particular dishes, comparing street food cultures and making digs. But a closer look at the way hawkers have been managed reveals more about contemporary challenges in each country.

Kong Meta, Chan Muyhong

Much of Cambodia experienced water shortages this dry season, but in Sihanoukville, locals and officials say drought, rapid building and population growth have placed new hardships on people’s access to water.

Eko Rusdianto, Ranto Sibarani

Banyak orang kehilangan nyawa dalam konflik di Poso, yang terjadi sejak tahun 1998 hingga 2007. Sejumlah warga yang dulu terlibat dalam konflik tersebut memilih untuk mengenangnya dengan cara bercanda, seraya mewaspadai potensi kekerasan berikutnya.

Eko Rusdianto, Aisyah Llewellyn

Many people lost their lives between 1998 and 2007 in Poso, Sulawesi. Now residents once swept up in the vortex of conflict choose to remember it with a dry humour—while still mindful of the potential for more violence.

Aisyah Llewellyn

Mount Sinabung volcano has been erupting on and off for years, leaving hundreds of villagers displaced. Now they’re caught between new government accommodation and their old lives in the Red Zone.

Cristyn Lloyd

Fake pharmaceuticals have plagued Southeast Asia for years, yet governments have been accused of underestimating the scale of the problem. A controversial new study suggests the illegal trade of fraudulent medicines is still thriving in the region.