Warief Djajanto Basorie

Dituduh menista agama Islam, mantan gubernur Jakarta Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama membayar dengan hukuman dua tahun penjara. Setelah bebas, akankah ia memilih kembali ke politik, atau menghindari kontroversi dengan menempuh karir baru yang “aman”?

Abdallah Naem

The Santan River was once the heart of village life, providing communities with food, livelihoods and social space. But mining operations have wrecked the local ecosystem, turning the clear river a muddy brown and pushing hungry crocodiles downstream.

Sharmilla Ganesan, Adriana Manan

The Weight of Our Sky karya Hanna Alkaf ialah novel genre dewasa muda dari Malaysia yang pertama diterbitkan di peringkat antarabangsa. Ia juga berkisarkan penyakit mental dan rusuhan kaum yang bertempat di Kuala Lumpur pada 13 Mei 1969.

Teo You Yenn


Sharmilla Ganesan

Hanna Alkaf’s novel The Weight of Our Sky is the first Malaysian young adult novel to be published internationally. It also deals with mental illness and the race riots that took place in Kuala Lumpur on 13 May 1969.

Warief Djajanto Basorie

Accused of defaming Islam, former Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama paid the price with a two-year jail sentence. Now free, is Ahok returning to politics reborn or avoiding controversy with a “safe” new career?

Alexandra Radu

Over 4,000 people in Pasir Gudang in Johor have been affected by a chemical dumping disaster in the Kim Kim River. A massive clean-up operation is underway, but it’s not yet clear when the culprits behind the pollution will be held to account.

Ronny Buol

Suaka margasatwa di Indonesia saat ini telah menjadi tempat menarik untuk mengamati spesies yang sedang terancam punah atau sudah di ambang kepunahan. Namun mereka merupakan bukti luasnya perburuan liar dan perdagangan satwa ilegal yang semakin marak terjadi kepulauan Indonesia.

Hathairat Phaholtap, Adriana Manan

Provinsi di selatan dalam Thailand menyaksikan konflik ganas semenjak 2004. Menjelang pilihanraya yang dinanti-nantikan pada bulan ini, aktivis keamanan dan hak asasi manusia bertanding dengan harapan mencapai keamanan melalui proses demokratik.

Daniel Peters

The Singapore debut of Swedish black metal band Watain was abruptly cancelled after a petition by Christians gathered over 17,000 signatures. The cancellation highlights issues of stigma against the sub-culture, and religious influence in the city-state.

Hathairat Phaholtap

Provinces in Thailand’s deep south have been the site of ongoing violent conflict since 2004. With a long-waited election approaching in March, peace and human rights activists are running for office and hoping to seek peace through democratic means.

Aisyah Llewellyn

This week in Southeast Asia: the Trump-Kim summit clears out of Vietnam, streaming is set to come to an end in Singapore's schools, Indonesia commemorates International Women's Day, and big issues will be debated in Malaysia's Parliament.

Brennan O'Connor

Hundreds of people have sought refuge in the no-man’s land between Mae Sot in Thailand and Myawaddy in Myanmar. Smuggling and trafficking is a common occurrence, but most of the residents are simply struggling to survive in this limbo.

Jolene Tan, Mark Wong, Wong Pei Chi, Nadhir Nor

The Criminal Law Reform Bill introduced in Parliament finally removes marital immunity for rape in Singapore… or has it? Three campaigners who have worked for years on the issue are startled to find that marital immunity will continue to exist for child marriages.

Ronny Buol, Aisyah Llewellyn

Wildlife reserves in Indonesia have become popular attractions to observe endangered species on the brink of extinction. But the very presence of these rescued animals shows how widespread the problem of illegal wildlife poaching and trade has become across the archipelago.