Zubaidah Jalil, Teguh Harahap

Singapura sering diperbincangkan sebagai sebuah keajaiban ekonomi, namun penekanannya yang besar pada meritokrasi dan kemandirian dapat merusak pemahaman seseorang terhadap sejumlah persoalan seperti ketidaksetaraan, kemiskinan, dan tunawisma.

Libby Hogan

Over 500 informal jade pickers have been killed in landslides in Myanmar in the past five years. Unsafe conditions in the jade mines continue to put people at risk, and families of those who have been killed say that independent inspections and better law enforcement are urgently needed.

Asrida Elisabeth, Febriana Firdaus

Human rights groups and foreign journalists are often barred from entering West Papua, allowing the Indonesian authorities to control the narrative. Local journalists are fighting back by reporting on human rights abuses, often at risk to their own safety.

Asrida Elisabeth, Febriana Firdaus

Di bawah bayang-bayang kontrol ketat militer Indonesia, sekelompok jurnalis di Papua menuntut akuntabilitas terhadap kekerasan yang mereka alami. Tapi pertautan politik di dalamnya membuat mereka kesulitan untuk mendapat keadilan.

Connor White

Sedikit yang diketahui mengenai Papua, sebuah wilayah yang umumnya tertutup bagi kelompok hak asasi manusia dan wartawan asing. Akan tetapi, situasi hak asasi manusia di wilayah ini sangat memprihatinkan, dan layak mendapatkan perhatian dari dunia internasional.

Connor White

Little is known about West Papua, a region usually closed off to human rights groups and foreign journalists. Yet the human rights situation in the region is dire, and deserving of more international attention.

Adam Bemma, Teguh Harahap

Bersamaan saat warga Thailand pergi ke tempat pemungutan suara pada 2019, NCPO (Dewan Nasional untuk Perdamaian dan Ketertiban) tampaknya menginginkan transisi penuh, dari petugas militer ke politisi lengkap dengan tuas kendali ekstra yang mereka pegang.

Jack Davies

The UN's contracts with a company belonging to one of Cambodia’s most notorious tycoons sheds light on an issue pervasive in many of the places where it operates. Staying clean often requires more work than the UN appears able, or willing, to do.

Aisyah Llewellyn

Among this week's round-up of stories to watch in Southeast Asia: Local police employ shamans to carry out exorcisms for Padang's LGBT community, a crackdown on independent media sites in Singapore, and rallies against the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination in Malaysia.

Tiffany Teng

Facebook has been rightly called out for allowing violent hate speech to proliferate on its platform. But the prominence of the social media platform in Myanmar has also changed the way young people meet, connect, and fall in love.

Adam Bemma

With Thais expected to go to the polls in 2019, the ruling National Council for Peace and Order seems to want to transition from military officers to fully-fledged politicians—with extra levers of control at their disposal.

Aisyah Llewellyn

Among this week's round-up of stories to watch in Southeast Asia: the repatriation of the Rohingya to Myanmar is halted, LGBT issues are in the spotlight in Indonesia again, and US-Brunei defence ties develop.

George Wright, Xuan Bach Nguyen

Những người gốc Việt ở Cam-pu-chia, từ lâu đã bị phân biệt chủng tộc ở đất nước này, đang chịu cảnh trục xuất khỏi những làng nổi trên sông Tonle Sap và chứng kiến một cuộc sống được gìn giữ từ bao thế hệ nay bị cuốn trôi.

George Wright

Ethnic Vietnamese, who have long faced discrimination in Cambodia, are being evicted from their floating villages, destroying a way of life that has been maintained for generations.

Warief Djajanto Basorie

Hutan mangrove dapat menyimpan lima kali lebih banyak karbon dioksida per hektare dari karbon hutan dataran tinggi. Ini membuat mangrove menjadi pelaku unggul dalam melawan perubahan iklim. Tetapi mangrove di Indonesia masih kurang diteliti dan kurang dalam tatakelola.

Warief Djajanto Basorie

Mangrove forests can store more carbon dioxide per hectare than upland forests, making them a heavy hitter in the fight against climate change. But they’re under-researched and under-managed in Indonesia.