Nigel Grier was once thought of as a sustainability entrepreneur who could make people rich while saving the environment. 

The Australia-based businessman persuaded investors to sink millions into a raft of environmentally friendly projects across Southeast Asia, but not one of his ventures has ever come to fruition. Now, Grier and his company have been ordered by a Singapore court to repay out-of-pocket investors. As lawsuits against Grier mount up (with two currently pending, according to a plaintiff in the case), Singapore’s police and corporate regulatory authority have also opened investigations into Grier’s business activities.

Grier talks big, and the initial impression of most people involved in his investments was that he was credible. But as one former business associate said, despite seeming sincere, Grier is “a professional liar”.

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Edward Cowley

Edward Cowley is a freelance journalist and filmmaker currently based in the UK. As well as environmental issues, Edward has covered press freedom in Russia, corruption in Ukraine and the guerrilla wars in Myanmar. Prior to moving to the UK, Edward also worked for five years as a journalist in Moscow.