Aye Soe* didn’t know that the abortion would almost kill her. 

She waited for the procedure in a dark, cavernous room located in the back of an unlicensed midwife’s house in Yhor That Gyi, a village not far from Yangon in Myanmar. It looked like an ordinary clinic—it was clean and stocked with medical supplies—but there were no doctors present. It was dark. Fear began to seep in.

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Maggi Quadrini

Maggi Quadrini works on human rights for community-based organisations on various projects along the Thailand-Myanmar border.


Gris is an Indonesian illustrator with passion in telling stories with colour and light. She’s always fascinated by the diversity of voices and beliefs in Southeast Asia, and wishes to explore them in her works. You can find her work at grisgabriele.com, and say hi on Instagram or Twitter @jackfruitchips_.