Civic Participation Department, New Naratif

Position : Network & Events Administrator

Level : Junior (J)

Working Hours : Full-time, 40hrs per week

Salary Offered : US$750/-

Location : Remote working – Online/Digital within Malaysia or Indonesia

Reporting to : Civic Participation Manager – direct line supervisor

Peers : Civic Participation Coordinator, Administrators, Digital Designer.

Forms part of : Civic Participation Department

Qualifications : As a Southeast Asian candidate (preferred), the person must have native-level English ability (spoken and written) and, preferably, fluency in Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia or Bahasa Indonesia (as relevant to your location). Applicants should preferably have experience in program/project management, network coordination, and event organisation.

Travel Required : Domestically and Internationally as and when necessary and approved by MD

Type of Contract : Annual Contracts issued from April 1st to March 31, (renewable, based on performance and funding available)

New Naratif is a movement for democracy in Southeast Asia. We publish information, build communities, and empower people to create positive change. We operate as a hybrid of a creative storytelling studio, community organiser and mobiliser, and a think tank. Learn more about us

The Civic Participation team is responsible for overseeing educators, networkers, and digital/online events of educational content, holding interactive sessions on schedule, and for engaging diverse SEA community members with an inclusive approach through events and democracy classrooms (held on-line or in-person), with the goal of empowering Southeast Asians to create positive change in their communities.

As Network & Events Administrator, you will be responsible for running and implementing events, which includes handling event logistics, building relationships with local partners, and maintaining a database of partners and contacts. Under the direction of supervision of the CPM, you will:

  1. Organise and run empowerment events locally, in person or online, and in the relevant languages, including handling all event logistics and gathering feedback.
  2. Find and build relationships with local allies, including local activists, NGOs, CSOs, and other like-minded organisations.
  3. Collaborate with the Civic Participation Coordinator in ensuring events are run smoothly, according to plan and schedule, and that deliverables are met in accordance with departmental objectives.
  4. Attend departmental meetings, cross-departmental meetings, external meetings, and/or any other meetings you are requested to join by the Civic Participation Manager.
  5. Maintain a database of local allies and contribute to the development of the Media Freedom Network.
  6. Work together with other departments to ensure timely delivery of inputs required for facilitation of events with the supervision of the CPM.
  7. Promote events for increased engagement and collaborate with other departments to develop marketing campaigns for events and civic participation activities.
  8. Collect post-event feedback and write post-event reports to summarise feedback collected and key highlights.
  9. Contribute to the implementation of New Naratif strategy as part of your country/region team.
  10. Participate in the execution and iteration of New Naratif’s strategic plans which reflect departmental inputs led by the CPM.
  11. Keep your outputs in line with the department and New Naratif’s overarching vision as an organisation.
  12. Identify your Quarterly Action Priorities (QAPs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) linked with the department’s and organisation’s vision, mission, objectives, and projects being implemented in consultation with your department head.

This position would suit someone with experience in workshop/event facilitation, project management and coordination, and collaboration internally and externally with team members and stakeholders. As someone who will be responsible for the implementation and running of events, the Network & Events Administrator should be skilled in engagement and public speaking, able to run events in accordance with New Naratif’s direction and Civic Participation’s goals, while also incorporating innovative techniques in facilitating these workshops/events. Proficiency and experience with online tools/techniques for event facilitation is a bonus.

What you won’t be doing

  • You will not be designing or coordinating the events framework and strategy. Instead, you will be responsible for the implementation of events, workshops, and departmental outputs within your locale as assigned by your CPM.

What we’re looking for

Strong candidates will have the following capabilities:

  1. People management and coordination. You will work with the Civic Participation Manager to run and facilitate events, in line with the departmental goals and strategy, which will require effective interaction and engagement with event attendees and workshop participants. Developing and building our networks will also require people management and coordination skills to effectively engage allies and stakeholders alongside our members and team.

How do you work with people?

  1. Innovative empowerment. As New Naratif seeks to empower Southeast Asians with the knowledge and skills needed to collectively create a more democratic Southeast Asia, Civic Participation contributes to this mission via effective and engaging events/workshops. You will hence be engaging participants and attendees from various backgrounds, with different learning styles and communication preferences, so a traditional classroom setting may not be ideal for the delivery of our departmental outputs. We are constantly learning from feedback and adapting to the needs of individuals and communities as well in the ever-changing landscape of Southeast Asian contexts.

How will you educate, empower, and mobilise Southeast Asians? (Share some examples if you have done so in the past)

  1. Empathy for the marginalised and voiceless of Southeast Asia. New Naratif is first and foremost a platform for the people of Southeast Asia to imagine and then create a better Southeast Asia. You need to love and understand this region and its history, in all its complexity and diversity. You need to be willing to learn, explore, and grow alongside this region. It means you need to look beyond the borders and boundaries which are currently imposed on us. We want your experience of living in a Southeast Asian country, your connectivity to the communities, knowing everyday local experiences, concerns and challenges which reflect in your work and outputs you supervise. 

What does Southeast Asia mean to you?

Application Process

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of building capacity for change in Southeast Asia, please send an email to jobs AT with a cover letter answering the questions above and your latest CV. Please provide the names and contact information of two character referees, at least one of whom should have familiarity with your recent professional work, neither of whom should be related to you.

Shortlisted candidates will have 2-3 interviews. We anticipate the process will last around a month. Following your appointment, you would undergo a three-month trial period.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Therefore, we encourage you to submit an application as soon as possible as the process may close once we feel a sufficient number of applications are received or a suitable candidate has been found.

More Information

  • The role is a junior position.
  • You have to be responsible, communicate and collaborate well online and be willing to work from home or your own choice of location as long as you are digitally connected with your team and provide the necessary remote supervision and ensure the work schedule is smooth and uninterrupted. 
  • We collaborate chiefly using WordPress, Google Workspace, Wire, and Trello. 

Benefits include 

  • 28 days of personal leave per year
  • 12 days of public holiday leave per year (which can be taken on any public or religious holiday of your choice), and 
  • 1 session of company-paid mental health therapy per month. 

New Naratif contracts are governed by UK law, on a consultancy basis, and typically are for one year at a time, renewable at the end of every financial year (31 March). 

New Naratif is a not-for-profit, private company, limited by guarantee, registered in the United Kingdom and Malaysia, and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. 

We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace for all employees regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, or disability. 

We have a strong preference for Southeast Asians who have personal experience of and understand being marginalised and oppressed.


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