New Naratif x Malaysiakini membership offer

Malaysiakini and New Naratif are pleased to announce a joint membership offer!

What’s this?
New Naratif and Malaysiakini are launching a limited joint membership offer!

How does it work?
The first 100 people to sign on to an annual New Naratif membership (at any price level) will also receive a six-month Malaysiakini membership for free. After you join New Naratif, you’ll be contacted by Malaysiakini to activate your membership.

Who are we?
Malaysiakini is the leading independent media organisation in Malaysia. Launched in 1999, it has played a significant role in the growth of democracy in Malaysia and keeping Malaysians informed.

New Naratif is a platform for Southeast Asian journalism, research, art, and community-building. We are a movement for democracy, freedom of expression, and freedom of information for a better Southeast Asia.

Why are you doing this?
As independent organisations invested in the promotion of democracy in the region, Malaysiakini and New Naratif share a lot of the same values, which is why we want to stand together and support each other. We’re also constantly working on ways to make sure that our work is sustainable so that we can operate independently and ethically, without fear or favour. With this promotion, we hope to raise awareness of the need for sustainable independent journalism and paying for content to support the platforms that do this work.

Small print
• If you are paying by bank transfer, the transfer needs to be done within two working days. We can accept payment in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, and MYR.
• If you already have a New Naratif membership, you’re still welcome to create a second account to purchase a new New Naratif membership and get your free six-month Malaysiakini membership.
• We reserve the right to change the terms or end this promotion at any time.

Click here to join New Naratif now!