Porlachi “Billy” Rakchongcharoen went missing in 2014. At the time, the land rights activist had been assisting Karen villagers with a lawsuit against the authorities in Phetchaburi province, 190km southwest of Bangkok, who had evicted and burnt down their homes.

Five years later, his skull fragment was discovered by special investigators in a burnt oil drum. It’s renewed efforts from civil society to hold perpetrators of torture and enforced disappearances accountable.

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Prema-Ja is a Thai illustrator and comic artist who various mediums—such as digital paint, watercolor, ink, and crayon—to create her works. Her short comic, Sky Sky, received the Grand Prix at the Silent Manga Audition in 2013. She has also created three graphic novels. Apart from these projects, she also self-publishes work relating to the human-animal bond. See more of her work on Instagram @prema_ja

Adam Bemma is a Canadian journalist, media trainer and media development advisor based in Bangkok, Thailand.