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Artists Respond: Hindsight Is 2020

Ten artists take us on a journey from virtual meeting rooms in Malaysia and Singapore to the streets of Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. They ponder the intensely personal impact of the pandemic and picture large-scale protests for democracy.
  • Yunroo
  • Sunny Go
  • Afif Slim
  • Julia Hannie
  • Stephani Soejono
  • Richard Mercado
  • Townsunder
  • Ollie
  • Pssyppl
  • Suppachai Vong

Building a Mentally Healthy Community

PJ Thum and Sean Francis Han (Wake Up Singapore) speak to Reetaza "Reetz" Chatterjee, the founder of "Your Head Lah!" about her own experiences with mental illness, her journey in figuring out her role in activism, and about the mental health landscape in Singapore.
  • New Naratif

“We Have to Hide Our Face”: Cambodia’s Eco-Activists Go Undercover

Environmental advocacy group Mother Nature Cambodia is known for their confrontational videos, with activists exposing crimes against nature. But with three members jailed, and others facing harassment, the group has decided to conceal their identities.
  • Ouch Sony
  • Matt Surrusco


The War on Drugs in Southeast Asia

Duterte’s bloody war on drugs in the Philippines may have captured the world’s attention, but the rhetoric behind it is not new to the region.
  • Nithin Coca

Reporting on Buddhist Extremism

Min Min and his team are putting their lives at risk to explain what's happening in Rakhine state.
  • Joshua Carroll
  • The Splice Newsroom

Vietnam's Social Media Battle

Social media platforms like Facebook are giving people access to information and reports outside of the Vietnamese government's control. Are the authorities fighting a losing battle, or will social media users see their online spaces shrink?
  • Michael Tatarski

Myanmar's Ruby Trade

Precious gems could be an opportunity to earn one’s fortune, or bring tragedy to miners toiling in unforgiving circumstances. Can the industry pivot towards more ethical practices?
  • Joshua Carroll

Kelas Bahasa Tersembunyi Kamboja

Selama sekitar satu dasawarsa di Kamboja, belajar bahasa Inggris adalah perbuatan yang berisiko.
  • Janelle Retka
  • Dewi Fitzpatrick

Cambodia’s Showcase Island

Wealth, hope and heartbreak take shape on Phnom Penh’s Diamond Island, a cautionary tale for the city and the country.
  • Ben Paviour
  • Ben Sokhean

Singapore's "Paper Generals"

Singapore's recent woes with the MRT system have once again surfaced questions over the suitability of former military generals to decision-making roles in civilian life.
  • Tay Jing En

Mendorong Indonesia untuk Melindungi Perempuan dari Kekerasan

Dengan kasus kekerasan terhadap perempuan di Indonesia masih diperlakukan sebagai bahan tabloid yang sensasional, kemajuan untuk melindungi perempuan di tingkat nasional masih sangat lamban. Tetapi aktivis perlahan menggeser tanah.
  • Kate Walton
  • Dewi Fitzpatrick

Pushing Indonesia to Protect Women from Violence

With cases of violence against women in Indonesia still treated as sensational tabloid material, progress to protect women on a national level is slow. But activists are slowly shifting the ground.
  • Kate Walton

The Use of Humiliation as a Political Tool

Singapore's Vandalism Act (1966) was designed, from the beginning, as a political tool to humiliate those who fight to exercise their right to free speech and political expression.
  • Thum Ping Tjin

The Political Apathy of Vietnamese Youth

In the age of Trump, refugees and social media, many young Vietnamese speak of a disconnect with the rest of the world, while others eagerly embrace radical change.
  • Yen Duong

"Sebuah Isu Politik": Mengingat kerusuhan di Medan tahun 1998

Untuk memahami reaksi masyarakat Tionghoa-Indonesia di Medan terhadap meningkatnya ketegangan etnis, diperlukan kesadaran bahwa kekerasan anti-Cina pada tahun 1998 bukanlah sebuah isu ras, tetapi isu politik.
  • Aisyah Llewellyn
  • Dewi Fitzpatrick

How Discrimination Kills Gay Men in Singapore

Contrary to the Prime Minister's stated position of "Live and Let Live", cradle to grave discrimination in Singapore results in gay men being economically poorer and less healthy, and consequently leading shorter and more impoverished lives.
  • John Lee