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Mappanre Tasi: A Tale of Two Fishing Islands

In Sulawesi, two islands are home to the Mappanre Tasi ritual—a celebration of the sea which takes place at Islamic New Year. In recent times, the ritual has become increasingly under threat as conflicting fishing practices and religious fervour begin to endanger its spiritual premise.
  • F Daus AR


Singaporean Foreign Policy in the Eras of Trump and Biden

Prof Ian Chong, returns to talk about Singapore's place in Trump’s foreign policy; how that will change under Biden; the repercussions of domestic behaviour on international relations; and how the lack of discussion in Singapore on where Singapore's interests lie negatively affects the country.
  • New Naratif

Raffles Must Fall? The Memory and History of Colonialism

The story of the Raffles statue in Singapore is a story of memory, not history. From its creation in 1887, the statue has been part of an official colonial and later post-independence narrative, created and reinterpreted by successive governments as a basis for civic unity for the island.
  • Gareth Knapman
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Explainer: Undocumented Migrants in Malaysia

What is the difference between a migrant worker, a refugee and a stateless person? Why do migrants come to Malaysia? How do they become undocumented?
  • Katrina Jorene Maliamauv


Poor People Don’t Like Oats Either

How we imagine people—their capacities, values, and moral worth—shapes how we treat them. The myths, imaginations, and assumptions about poverty, wealth, welfare, and wellbeing in contemporary Singapore are important to confront because they affect how people are oriented to each other in society, how problems are defined and consequently how they are dealt with or overlooked.
  • Teo You Yenn

The Myth of the Malaysian Dream

Sabah and Sarawak’s long journey to autonomy is one which even its proponents say is doomed to failure.
  • Clarence Chua

Myths and Facts: Migrant Workers in Singapore

Singapore, as a society, is not able to properly comprehend, let alone address, the precise problems facing migrant workers, because of three pervasive myths about low-wage temporary migrant workers.
  • Charan Bal

Malay Wedding

Malaysian cartoonist Adi Nazri takes a look at the dos and don'ts of a traditional Malay wedding for a modern-day couple.
  • Adi Nazri

Tanpa Menghiraukan Ras, Bahasa atau Agama

Citra Singapura yang telah lama dibudidayakan sebagai negara yang buta warna, menemui tantangan terbesarnya dengan pemilihan presiden pertama dimana kedudukan posisi tersebut sudah di tentukan sebelumnya.
  • Kirsten Han
  • Dewi Fitzpatrick

Mitos Impian Malaysia

Perjalanan panjang Sabah dan Sarawak menuju otonomi adalah sesuatu yang diyakini oleh para pendukungnya sekalipun untuk gagal.
  • Clarence Chua

Maze and Minefield: Reflections on Multiculturalism in Singapore

To work on multiculturalism in Singapore is to wander in a wondrous maze of diversities and their limitless combinations and exchanges. However, it is also to walk into a minefield of complexity, challenge and conflict in which one can easily get confused and lost, encounter misunderstanding and misjudgement, and experience uncertainty and anxiety.
  • Lai Ah Eng

Justifying Colonial Rule in Post-Colonial Singapore

Both the British colonial government and the post-independence People's Action Party government have used the same three myths to justify their policies. But how true are these myths?
  • Thum Ping Tjin

Rethinking Race: Beyond the CMIO Categorisations

In emphasising racial differences, we are also denying our commonality as members of the same nation. Being Chinese, Malay or Indian, means that we cannot just be Singaporean.
  • Laavanya Kathiravelu