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Artists Respond: Hindsight Is 2020

Ten artists take us on a journey from virtual meeting rooms in Malaysia and Singapore to the streets of Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. They ponder the intensely personal impact of the pandemic and picture large-scale protests for democracy.
  • Yunroo
  • Sunny Go
  • Afif Slim
  • Julia Hannie
  • Stephani Soejono
  • Richard Mercado
  • Townsunder
  • Ollie
  • Pssyppl
  • Suppachai Vong

Building a Mentally Healthy Community

PJ Thum and Sean Francis Han (Wake Up Singapore) speak to Reetaza "Reetz" Chatterjee, the founder of "Your Head Lah!" about her own experiences with mental illness, her journey in figuring out her role in activism, and about the mental health landscape in Singapore.
  • New Naratif

“We Have to Hide Our Face”: Cambodia’s Eco-Activists Go Undercover

Environmental advocacy group Mother Nature Cambodia is known for their confrontational videos, with activists exposing crimes against nature. But with three members jailed, and others facing harassment, the group has decided to conceal their identities.
  • Ouch Sony
  • Matt Surrusco


Tanpa Menghiraukan Ras, Bahasa atau Agama

Citra Singapura yang telah lama dibudidayakan sebagai negara yang buta warna, menemui tantangan terbesarnya dengan pemilihan presiden pertama dimana kedudukan posisi tersebut sudah di tentukan sebelumnya.
  • Kirsten Han
  • Dewi Fitzpatrick

Mitos Impian Malaysia

Perjalanan panjang Sabah dan Sarawak menuju otonomi adalah sesuatu yang diyakini oleh para pendukungnya sekalipun untuk gagal.
  • Clarence Chua

Maze and Minefield: Reflections on Multiculturalism in Singapore

To work on multiculturalism in Singapore is to wander in a wondrous maze of diversities and their limitless combinations and exchanges. However, it is also to walk into a minefield of complexity, challenge and conflict in which one can easily get confused and lost, encounter misunderstanding and misjudgement, and experience uncertainty and anxiety.
  • Lai Ah Eng

Justifying Colonial Rule in Post-Colonial Singapore

Both the British colonial government and the post-independence People's Action Party government have used the same three myths to justify their policies. But how true are these myths?
  • Thum Ping Tjin

Rethinking Race: Beyond the CMIO Categorisations

In emphasising racial differences, we are also denying our commonality as members of the same nation. Being Chinese, Malay or Indian, means that we cannot just be Singaporean.
  • Laavanya Kathiravelu