Pride and Liberation – A Call for Flash Fiction and Artworks

Submit before 21 July 2024, 11:59pm MYT

Watercolour painting of an inclusive solarpunk community.
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This year’s Pride Month comes with an unprecedented mix of emotions. There were things to celebrate, for sure: Thailand, for example, is very close to being the first country in Southeast Asia to legally recognise same-sex marriage.

At the same time, we are still facing a wave of upsetting, life-threatening situations. There’s the ongoing wave of anti-trans legislations around the world, including new legal challenges for trans healthcare in Indonesia, which we have previously covered on a podcast episode.

But the mixture of emotions doesn’t end there. It’s strange to celebrate any victory, queer or otherwise, in the backdrop of the ongoing genocide in Palestine or the brutal military dictatorship in Myanmar.

Yet this is why we also believe that a celebratory march forward pushing for unabashed demands is more crucial now than ever. The future is open, and it starts with the heart of our solidarity and the courage of our imagination.

At New Naratif, we believe in the intersectionality of struggles. We have extensively covered how a new feminist narrative is crucial in the fight for Burmese liberation, even if it takes decades to get there.


In partnership with the 15th AWID International Forum and in collaboration with Milk Tea Alliance and Kongsi 8 Art Space, New Naratif calls for your artworks and flash fiction under the theme of “Pride and Liberation: Nobody is Free Until Everybody is Free”, a sentiment echoed by our friends at Milk Tea Alliance: Friends of Myanmar in their Pride Month Solidarity Statement.

We invite writers and artists across Southeast Asia to submit their artistic and literary reimaginations of a postcolonial feminist future, touching upon themes of queer and trans liberation, anti-colonialism, and anti-militarism in Southeast Asia to be published online as well as in print, to be distributed and exhibited at the 15th AWID International Forum in Bangkok on 2-5 December 2024.

More specifically, we are looking for fiction between 300-700 words OR digitally-reproducible artworks or artwork series in any reasonable dimension. Stories can be written in any format: standard prose, conversations, email exchanges, interview transcripts, pieces of fictional news media—you name it. Stories can be written in English or Bahasa Indonesia but will be translated into English for the publication. Be advised that sequential submissions (comics or series) longer than four pieces/pages may be difficult to accept.

New Naratif will select up to eight short stories and twelve artworks. Artists and writers will retain all of the rights to their works. Stories and artworks will remain in circulation after the Forum at Kongsi 8 Art Space in Jakarta until March 2025.

New Naratif will not be paying a fee to selected artists and writers, but will instead donate a sum of money under your chosen names. All proceeds from this project will go towards funding related causes. Artists and writers will receive one full year of New Naratif premium membership.

Submit your story via email at [email protected] no later than Sunday, 21 July 2024, 11.59 PM MYT. Selected applicants will be notified of their status of acceptance no later than Wednesday, 31 July, 11.59 MYT.

We read every submission, but due to the number of submissions we received, we may not respond to every one of them. If you have not received any news by the end of July, it means we have not selected your piece for publication.

From August to November, we will hold regular discussion sessions in our online forums with selected authors and artists. Stay tuned for more information!

We look forward to your works of intersectional resistance!

Featured artwork created by Hai Rembulan.

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