In this very personal comic trilogy, visual artist and ethnographer Asmara S. Wigati takes us on their journey migrating across islands in Indonesia in search of a better life. This first episode tells of their musings on the liminality that we all go through at some point in our lives, but also one that queer people are very familiar with.

Discuss Queer Collective Care with the Author!

Join us for a discussion on “Fostering Queer Communities in Southeast Asia” with author Asmara S. Wigati and queer-affirming psychologist Shaleen Chrisanne on our upcoming / session on Wednesday, June 28th 2023, 8pm MYT.

Other Comics in this Series

Asmara S. Wigati is a visual artist and anthropologist based in Indonesia. As an anthropologist, they are particularly interested in the intersection of queerness, popular and alternative music, and contemporary Internet subcultures. As an artist, they are driven by queer melancholy and longing, conveyed by their mostly black-and-white and monochromatic style. Contact them on Instagram at @trash__glamour.

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