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Southeast Asia Dispatches — Women in Journalism

Despite the large number of women going to journalism school every year, studies have shown that men continue to dominate the media industry and hold positions of power in the newsroom.

At New Naratif, though, most of our editorial team is made up of women. Since there’s always been a lot of interest during our open meetings in how our editorial team works and how we find and commission stories, we recorded this special episode of Southeast Asia Dispatches to give everyone an insight into how we work!

Our Chief Editor, Kirsten Han, sits down with Deputy Editor for Bahasa Indonesia, Aisyah Llewellyn, and Deputy Editor of Bahasa Malaysia, Pauline Wong, to talk about what they look for when commissioning stories, why they believe it’s important to push back against a media culture of breaking news, and their own experiences as women in journalism.

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