Statement: Thank you Kirsten / New Naratif in the time of COVID-19

A message for New Naratif’s community:

1. Thank you Kirsten!

Kirsten Han has decided to step down from her role as Editor-in-Chief of New Naratif. As one of our founders, Kirsten was fundamental in the creation of this organisation and instrumental in building our movement from the ground up. New Naratif’s team, the Board, and I are all incredibly grateful to her for her work and leadership in establishing New Naratif as a platform to enable Southeast Asians to tell their own stories in their own languages. Her hard work and vision has enabled stories to come to light which would otherwise never have been told.

I want to thank Kirsten for her immense courage and all of her many contributions to New Naratif. We wish her nothing but the very best in all her future endeavours. We look forward to more stories from her in New Naratif, and will always cheer her on in her quest to tell important stories about Singapore. We may no longer be colleagues, but we will always be comrades in the fight for justice, democracy, and freedom in Southeast Asia.

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