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The Citizens’ Agenda: The Parties Respond

Nearly a year ago, we embarked on the Citizens’ Agenda: our quest to find out what our Singaporean community thinks are the most important issues facing Singapore, and then to write and commission articles on those subjects. Now, with Singapore’s General Election looming, we complete our journey by telling you how the political parties responded to the issues.

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The Progressives’ Ustaz

Ustaz Wan Ji Wan Husin is a rare religious preacher in Malaysia, working to reach out to people across ethnic and religious lines. But his activities as a progressive religious preacher in a largely conservative system means he’s run up against resistance and state-led repercussions more than once.

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Leap of Faith: Interracial Relationships in Contemporary Malaysia

Interracial and interfaith relationships aren’t unique to Malaysia, but it does get more complicated in contemporary Malaysia than in many other contexts, especially when the state sees ethnicity and religion as overlapping and heavily regulates and intervenes in deeply personal matters.

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