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Flair de Lune

Lune Loh, co-founder of Students for a Safer NUS, member of tFreedom, and Executive Director of TransNUS, speaks to PJ Thum and Sean Francis Han (WakeUpSG) about her activism, her life as a trans woman in Singapore (especially during National Service), and the recent kerfuffle over an educational event on bondage and rope play organised by tFreedom.

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Notes From a Changi Jail

Jolovan Wham, the well known Singaporean human rights defender and activist, talks to PJ Thum about his most recent stint in jail for civil disobedience. They discuss Singapore’s arbitrary laws, his experience with jail, issues with the criminal justice system, and why he is advocating for prison reform.

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“Wake Up, Singapore!” Says Sean Francis Han

PJ Thum speaks to Sean Francis Han, the editor-in-chief of Wake Up Singapore. Wake Up Singapore bills itself as a community of young activists looking to bring alternative voices to the major issues in Singapore and around the world, who advocates for reform and social justice. Part one of this interview is about Wake Up Singapore and looks at the sustainability of activism in the country.