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The Citizens’ Agenda: The Parties Respond

Nearly a year ago, we embarked on the Citizens’ Agenda: our quest to find out what our Singaporean community thinks are the most important issues facing Singapore, and then to write and commission articles on those subjects. Now, with Singapore’s General Election looming, we complete our journey by telling you how the political parties responded to the issues.

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“The Fear Is Always With Me”: Refugees in Malaysia Recount Recent Lockdowns and Raids

Since Malaysia imposed a Movement Control Order amid the COVID-19 pandemic, immigration raids following strict lockdown orders have affected refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers. In addition to the virus, these communities must also cope with persistent fears of possible arrest and deportation.

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Citizen of the Earth: A Refugee Speaks Out

During the COVID-19 pandemic, society’s most vulnerable are at risk in several ways. Refugees and migrants in particular, whether documented or undocumented, face challenges such as having inadequate access to healthcare, reduced income and overall increased precarity. It becomes even more complicated when their host countries do not recognise their rights.

On this week’s episode of Southeast Asia Dispatches, membership engagement manager, Deborah Augustin speaks to a journalist, writer and observer about the rise in xenophobia in Malaysia towards migrants and refugees. We’ve kept our guest’s identity anonymous out of concerns for his safety.