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Faith and Climate Change

Southeast Asia is one of the regions in the world most affected by climate change. Faith-based communities and organised religions have immense potential to address issues of climate change and environmental justice through their collective engagement, ethical teachings and ability to influence action among adherents.

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The Progressives’ Ustaz

Ustaz Wan Ji Wan Husin is a rare religious preacher in Malaysia, working to reach out to people across ethnic and religious lines. But his activities as a progressive religious preacher in a largely conservative system means he’s run up against resistance and state-led repercussions more than once.

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The Awkward Reality of Thailand’s Established Buddhism

Paintings depicting Ultraman in poses usually associated with Buddha caused an uproar in Thailand, and the artist eventually forced to apologise. Yet this incident also sheds light on conservative Buddhism in the country, and those pushing back against the belief that something can be so sacred that it is beyond question.

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