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Posted inResearch

The Citizens’ Agenda: The Parties Respond

Nearly a year ago, we embarked on the Citizens’ Agenda: our quest to find out what our Singaporean community thinks are the most important issues facing Singapore, and then to write and commission articles on those subjects. Now, with Singapore’s General Election looming, we complete our journey by telling you how the political parties responded to the issues.

Posted inResearch

Violence and Discrimination Against LBTQ Persons in Singapore

Research by Singapore LBTQ women’s NGO Sayoni reveals experiences of violence and discrimination at home, in schools and in public spaces—casting doubt on the government’s claims to protect all people from violence regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. [Content Warning: violence, sexual assault, suicide, homophobia and transphobia]

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Posted inFeature

Seeking Refuge in Malaysia

Rohingya Muslims make up the biggest proportion of refugees in Malaysia, fleeing from decades of persecution in Myanmar. But Malaysia still considers refugees undocumented migrants—will the Pakatan Harapan government be willing to grant Rohingya refugees both rights and safety?

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