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The Citizens’ Agenda: The Top 5 Issues by GE 2015 Constituencies

In your opinion, what issues do you consider important to Singapore? What do you think the candidates should be talking about as they compete for your votes in the upcoming election?

In July, we invited Singaporean members of New Naratif to help us create a survey of our community’s opinions. The result was The Citizens’ Agenda. In August, for Stage 1, we asked people to identify what issues they considered important to Singapore, or what they thought candidates should be talking about as they competed for votes in the upcoming election. We featured many of the answers on our social media (here’s an album of some of the answers).

We summarised the answers into 28 issues. In September, for Stage 2, we asked our community to vote on the top 5 issues. The order of the issues was randomised in the survey.

Also, they were asked to optionally provide some demographic data: age, the “race” listed on their identity card, highest educational level attained, language spoken at home, and the first four digits of their postal code.

We have published the first part of our analysis, which did not include the location data. In this part, we analyse the survey results by constituency. The constituencies are those of the 2015 General Election.

Once again, two caveats:

The first is that The Citizens’ Agenda is a reflection of what our community thinks. We want to amplify and reflect the voices of the members of our community. There are many voices in Singapore who are marginalised or silenced, and New Naratif tries to give those voices a channel to make themselves heard. While these results are not representative of Singapore as a whole, every voice in Singapore equally deserves to be heard.

Second, I’m not a statistician or a data journalist, so I invite anyone with that training to access all the raw data (here) and do their own analysis (and please do share it with us!).


The number of responses we received in each constituency generally corresponds to the size of the constituency. The most responses were received from Tanjong Pagar GRC (50), while the fewest were received from Pioneer and Hong Kah North SMCs (2 each).

Below is a visualisation with all respondents, not including 120 respondents who did not provide any postal code data (If you are unable to see this visualisation, please click here to open it in a new page):

Results Visualisation by Constituency (click the names to expand):

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