The infamous Rodrigo Duterte is on a high.

Three years after assuming the presidency and 27,000 dead bodies later, his administration has now set a new record: a whopping +72 net satisfaction score for general performance, the highest rating for any administration in the Philippines since 1989.[1] The midterm elections in May 2019 have put his allies in power: new Filipino senators include Imee Marcos, daughter of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and Bato dela Rosa, ex-National Police Chief and Duterte’s drug war henchman. With a weakened political opposition,[2] and critics like Senator Leila de Lima and Rappler’s Maria Ressa facing relentless persecution,[3] Duterte is now enjoying the tightest grip on the Filipino nation that any president has enjoyed since Marcos.

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Marvinne de Guzman

Marvinne de Guzman is an illustrator and animator based in Manila, Philippines. She likes collecting shapes and colors, and has worked on film, motion graphics, and editorial. You can check out her work at or at Twitter @maruveen.

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Tracy Llanera

Tracy Llanera is a Filipino philosopher. She is an Assistant Research Professor of Philosophy at the University of Connecticut. Her website is