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2019 marks the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival and the beginning of colonisation in Singapore. Following up on 2015’s SG50 celebrations, this year Singaporeans will be hearing plenty about the SG Bicentennial. But how—and why—are Singaporeans commemorating their own colonisation? How do Singaporeans view colonialism, and what impact has the dominant historical narrative had on their lives? We talk to freelance researchers Nurul Fadiah Johari and Farhan Idris, and artist and musician Bani Haykal about their reactions to the bicentennial.

Nurul Fadiah Johari - New Naratif
Nurul Fadiah Johari Credit: New Naratif
Farhan Idris - New Naratif
Farhan Idris Credit: New Naratif
Bani Haykal - New Naratif
Bani Haykal Credit: New Naratif