Why Wares Mutual Aid?

Singapore is, by many measures, one of the richest countries in the world with a government famous for efficiency and extensive intervention in society. Yet experts estimate that up to one third of the country lives in poverty, and civil society has organised, independently of the government, to help those in need by matching them to other independent donors.

PJ Thum and Sean Francis Han (WakeUpSingapore) talks to a volunteer with Wares Mutual Aid, a community-run spreadsheet which aims to help connect individuals or groups of people in Singapore who have needs with offers of support, who explains how it works and why it exists. In support of the principle that the community and system should be the focus, not the people involved, the volunteer has requested to be anonymous.

For more information, please go to gg.gg/waresmutualaid or instagram.com/p/B_69uR_nVtW/

This episode is a collaboration with Wake Up Singapore. You can find out more about them online on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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