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I’ve always had a difficult relationship with my hair…

I’ve always had a difficult relationship with my hair. Growing up, I was pressured by my family to keep it long, to cut it shorter, to straighten it, to do all these things to make myself more ‘feminine’. My hair became synonymous with my own self-esteem issues and I struggled to come to terms with my own identity for years. I still get told what I should do with my hair, and even though it terrifies me to reject the culture I grew up in, I want to continue being true to myself.

Your hair is yours. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

Mei Lian Hoe

Mei is an animator and freelance comic artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They enjoy writing comedic stories with a main focus on character, but they also indulge in some more personal stories from time to time. Their work can be found on their website: meilianhoe.com or on Twitter/Instagram: @meiidiocre.