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在  《1963年马来西亚协议》契约下,沙巴与砂拉越是当年马来亚联合邦的平等伙伴,但自那以后,这个地位却逐被削弱。以下是恢复沙砂平等地位所意味着的必要条件,以及它为何如此重要的原因。


文:Vila Somiah
图:Timothy James
版面:Charis Loke
编辑:Charis Loke, Deborah Augustin
译者:Hua Chai

Timothy James is a lowbrow artist born & bred in Kuching, Borneo. His artwork juxtaposes primitive Dayak tattoos with post-modern society taboos. Alternative art by the altered native. His works can be found at Instagram @turoibagak.

Hua Chai (huazzers) is a Malaysian animator and Chinese-English translator. Their films have been selected for festivals like Cartoons Underground, Singapore and Animation Chico, CA, USA. Their interests include fantasy, LGBTQ+, Southeast / East Asian and (im)migrant narratives. For more info, please visit: huazzers.carrd.co .