Maggi Quadrini

Shaping awareness of what it means to be a feminist in Thailand is not without its challenges, especially in a context where men cringe at the word. Feminists are threatening to undermine the status quo that assumes that women are not to question men.

Michael Beltran

In 2017, thousands of homeless, urban poor took over empty homes in Pandi, in the Philippine province of Bulacan. They have since built their own community there, making decisions as a collective and keeping up the occupation despite threats and intimidation.

Adam Bemma

Thailand’s 1954 Military Service Act states that all Thai males are required to serve in the military at the age of 21, even though there are ways to get out of it. Some are now arguing that conscription should be cut down, reformed, or maybe even abolished.

Emily Ding, Charis Loke, Ellena Ekarahendy

Months after regime change in Malaysia, the new government began to consider the question of abolishing capital punishment. Their deliberations have caused some controversy, but the case of one death row inmate raises questions about the potential of wrongful executions.

Emily Ding, Charis Loke, Adriana Manan, Ellena Ekarahendy

Beberapa bulan selepas perubahan rejim di Malaysia, kerajaan baharu mempertimbangkan pemansuhan hukuman mati. Perbincangan ini mencetuskan beberapa kontroversi, namun kes seorang banduan yang dihukum mati membangkitkan persoalan tentang kemungkinan berlaku hukuman yang tersilap.

Ng Kok Hoe, Teo You Yenn


Ina Putri Bestari

"To everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community, especially those who are still in the closet: Happy Pride Month. You are valid. You are seen. You are loved."

Ina Putri Bestari

"Untuk teman-teman LGBTQIA+, terutama yang masih sembunyi: Happy Pride Month. Kamu valid. Kamu dilihat. Kamu disayang."