Teirra Kamolvattanavith

Conservative anti-abortion beliefs are commonplace in Thailand and planted into the minds of Thai women from a young age. The stigma around abortion throws up barriers to access for those who need it, and exacts a psychological toll on those who opt for it.

Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon

The sudden passing of a veteran artisan has left a gap in the encaustic cement tile-making industry in Cambodia. His apprentice is now working to build a new workshop and play a role in keeping the craft alive.

Chris Schuepp

Third Story Project, co-founded by the imprisoned Reuters journalist Wa Lone, aims to improve children's literacy in Myanmar while also teaching values of peace and diversity.

Aisyah Llewellyn, Ian Morse, Nita Roshita

Indonesia is heading to the polls on 17 April. Incumbent president Joko “Jokowi” Widodo is fighting for a second term with his new vice-presidential pick Ma’ruf Amin, an influential Muslim cleric. They're facing off against former army general Prabowo Subianto and former deputy governor of Jakarta Sandiaga Uno. New Naratif’s Indonesian team sit down to discuss the candidates, the hot-button issues, and their predictions.

Sophie Raynor, Eduard Lazarus

Timor Leste memiliki salah satu angka kelahiran tertinggi di dunia namun juga program perencanaan keluarga yang disusun dengan matang. Bagaimanapun, pengalaman nyata penduduk Timor Leste menunjukkan bahwa angka statistik diatas kertas hanyalah satu bagian dari cerita yang utuh.

Sophie Raynor

Timor-Leste has one of the world’s highest natural birth rates and a robust, rights-based family planning policy to match. But as the country has learnt, what’s on paper is only half of the story.