NN Explains: Authoritarianism

Unlike totalitarianism, there can be some degree of free speech and debate over policies in authoritarian systems. But those who challenge the leaders’ authority often become targets of physical or emotional abuse.


The Anti-Vietnamese Legacy of Kem Ley

There were two sides to Kem Ley, the beloved Cambodian activist who was murdered five years ago: the calm, insightful public intellectual, and the hyperbolic nationalist who wanted to rid Cambodia of “illegal Vietnamese immigrants”, writes Tim Frewer.

Malaysia’s Hypocrisy on Palestine

For Malaysian politicians, speaking out in support of Palestinians is a well-worn tradition, especially when Israeli oppression makes headlines. However, by depriving refugees of basic rights at home, these same leaders undermine the Palestinian cause, writes Wael Qarssifi.



The False Scarcity in Singapore’s Meritocracy

Meritocracy is marketed as a system for the management of scarce resources but is in fact the imposition and justification for scarcity. This article examines university education in Singapore as the prime site for the production of meritocratic ideology and considers the consequences more generally on the Singapore polity.