Democratising Democracy in Southeast Asia

Cambodia’s Media Clampdown

In this episode, we will talk about media shutdowns and shrinking democratic space in Cambodia, how media workers and the public alike are dealing with the situation, and how regional solidarity is really important to create change.


Principles of Democracy: Majority Rule, Minority Rights

Democracy is the rule of the people, for the people, and by the people. But what happens when the people disagree? The majority can easily tyrannise the minority, hence it must be balanced by minority rights. Just as democracy must guarantee the expression of the popular will through majority rule, it must guarantee that the…

New Naratif is a movement democratising democracy in Southeast Asia. Our vision is to foster an inclusive Southeast Asia community where all peoples are fully engaging and participating in building democracy. We build capacity for this through our three-step process: engage, educate, and empower Southeast Asians.

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The Principles of Southeast Asia Democracy

Democracy means “the power of the people”, but do Southeast Asians feel they have the power? Do their governments genuinely represent them? Are their voices heard or taken into account? We have elections, therefore we are a democracy.” This isn’t sufficient proof that democracy exists. As the history of Southeast Asia shows, democracy is more than elections. The people need to play an active role in decision-making and be able to express their opinions.


Story Fellowship 2023: Mobility, Home, and Belonging Across East and Southeast Asia

We believe that real human stories play a crucial role in raising awareness, understanding, and sympathy towards migrant communities and stateless people alike. Those who are immobile or involuntarily mobile have been stripped of basic rights and privileges we often take for granted.

Agenda Warga

Agenda Warga Indonesia

Di tengah percakapan dominan tentang elektabilitas politisi, manuver politik partai, dan siasat para kandidat jelang Pemilu 2024: bisakah urusan politik mikro—perkara kehidupan warga sehari-hari—mendapat cukup ruang dalam “pesta demokrasi”?

Agenda Warga adalah ruang menyuarakan keresahan dan kepedulian, sekaligus untuk memperkuat partisipasi politik kita sebagai warga negara.

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Sebagai sebuah hub untuk demokrasi, New Naratif berfokus pada penguatan komunitas. Kini kamu bisa bergabung sebagai anggota New Naratif dengan pembayaran Rupiah.

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ON media freedom

Research as Activism

In this episode, Bonnibel Rambatan and Wai Liang Tham we’ll be talking about Research as Activism. But essentially, rather than simply applying a theoretical framework, this approach platforms marginalised voices,…

community corner

Southeast Asia faces severe challenges to media freedom in the form of hostile regulatory, legal, and commercial environments.

Here at New Naratif, we believe that independent media is vital to building Southeast Asian democracy, and as part of the Media Freedom in Southeast Asia Project, the Media Freedom Network (MFN) is our response to these challenges.

/ba∙ca/ with New Naratif is a reading group series that invites members to come together to discuss selected stories published by New Naratif. Discussions are led by New Naratif team members and feature guest speakers and contributors.

/ba∙ca/ with New Naratif aims to bring our community together to discuss complicated issues and take collective action.


Pegasus Spyware di Indonesia

Dalam episode kali ini kami bersama Ika Ningtyas (AJI Indonesia) dan Imal (SAFENet) akan membahas tentang laporan Indonesia Leaks, dampak Pegasus terhadap hak asasi manusia di Indonesia, dan peran masyarakat sipil dalam situasi ini.


YouTube video
YouTube video


Introduction: What is Southeast Asian Democracy?

As Southeast Asians, we all agree that we should have rule of the people, but we disagree on whether it is actually occurring. Thus, what is in dispute is not whether we should be democracies but what democracy is, and how it should be defined and practised in Southeast Asia. What, then, is Southeast Asian…

Principles of Democracy: Self-determination and Consent of the Governed

A common false dichotomy argues that there is a trade-off between self-determination for individuals and self-determination for the country as a whole. But these are not mutually exclusive—on the contrary, they are one and the same: Self-determination for the collective is achieved through seeking self-determination for each and every individual within the collective.

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