Adam Bemma

The March 2019 election in Thailand means that the country will transition from the military junta to a civilian government. But activists say that this change isn’t going to be enough if oppressive charges filed by the regime against critics aren’t rolled back.

Vila Somiah, Rosmaini Sunarjo, Ellena Ekarahendy

Between the 1960s and 1980s, the meaning of "pendatang" in Bahasa Malaysia shifted from a neutral "migrant" to become synonymous with danger and treachery: a political outsider whose influx in large numbers challenges national identity and security. How did this happen?

Hai Fan

A visit to the historic site of Suara Revolusi Malaya (Voice of Malayan Revolution) radio station, by a former member of the Malayan People's Army, brings back nostalgic memories of another era. Includes audio clips.

Michael Beltran

The Duterte administration’s “Build Build Build” programme is meant to bring infrastructure development to the Philippines. But critics warn against falling into a “debt trap”, and that the true cost of the scheme might be paid by the country’s poorest citizens.

Sheena Gurbakhash, Novia Shin

Sheena Gurbakhash was just a child when the Chinese and Malays clashed in Kuala Lumpur in May 1969. The May 13 riots highlighted the fragility of race relations at the time, and continue to raise questions about issues of privilege and place in the country.

Vila Somiah, Rosmaini Sunarjo, Ellena Ekarahendy, Adriana Manan

Sekitar tahun 1960an sehingga 1980an, maksud perkataan pendatang dalam Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia bertukar daripada ‘migran’ yang bernada neutral kepada sinonim dengan perkataan bahaya dan tidak boleh dipercayai: orang luar politik yang membanjiri negara dan mencabar identiti kebangsaan dan keselamatan. Bagaimana perubahan ini terjadi?

Kia Nazary, Adriana Manan

Kia Nazary mengimbau respons peribadinya kepada Perarakan Wanita 2019 di Kuala Lumpur, dan betapa pentingnya amalan penjagaan diri.

Kia Nazary

Kia Nazary reflects on her responses to the 2019 Women's March in Kuala Lumpur, and how important it is to remember to practise self-care.

Mohan Dutta

Singapore’s “fake news” bill is based upon dubious assumptions which are not supported by the science of media effects studies. Instead, research shows it is the absence of democracy that creates an environment where disinformation acts oppressively.

Richaldo Hariandja

Indonesia sudah lama memiliki masalah terkait Tempat Pemrosesan Akhir (TPA) yang tidak berwawasan lingkungan. Saat ini, kebingungan terkait bagaimana mengelola TPA secara tepat semakin membuat kalang-kabut Pemerintah Daerah sebagai garda terdepan negara dalam menanggulangi sampah.