Febriana Firdaus, Thum Ping Tjin, Hasbi Ilman

Now in exile, activist Benny Wenda leads the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, advocating for the independence of a homeland half a world away.

Michael Eko

Coffee culture has uplifted coffee beans as an international commodity while also initiating a “third-wave coffee movement” that ensures free trade. Yet the lives of coffee workers throughout the industry chain tells a very different story.

Robbie Peters, Anh Thư

Taking the example of a particular Vietnamese woman’s life, this article explores the links between motorbike use and the work and living conditions of young migrant women in Ho Chi Minh City. Highlighting the social and economic consequences of migration-assisted economic development in Southeast Asia, it details the political economy of marginalisation that situates the migrant saleswoman, and shows how she struggles within it to free herself from imposed social categories, both old and new.

New Naratif

We believe in openness and transparency. As a matter of principle, we share how we’ve been doing, from the amount of content we’ve published to the state of our finances. Here's our report from the April - Sept 2019 (with accounts from Oct 2018 - Sept 2019).

Hasbi Ilman

The story of Benny Wenda, a Papuan activist living in exile in Oxford, and how his own childhood experiences led him to where he is today.

Michael Eko

Budaya konsumsi kopi kini tidak hanya soal gaya hidup, melainkan kesadaran akan praktik perdagangan yang berkeadilan sosial. Sayangnya, nasib pekerja dalam rantai pasokan biji kopi menunjukkan bahwa cita-cita tersebut masih jauh dari kenyataan.

Ruby Thiagarajan

The spread of a novel coronavirus that emerged from Hubei Province in China has triggered alarm across the world. As the number of cases identified in Singapore increases, the epidemic has reflected and exacerbated anti-Chinese sentiment in the majority ethnic Chinese city-state.

Vedi Hadiz, Chuan Ming Ong

A new form of Islamic populism in Indonesia and other parts of the Muslim world articulates the rising ambitions and growing frustrations and anxieties of urban middle classes, urban poor and the periphery of the bourgeoisie, by aiming to provide access to power and tangible resources to an ummah conceived to be both downtrodden and homogeneous.

Sonny Liew

The novel coronavirus is grabbing headlines around the world now, but how worried should we be about it? Baffled Bunny and Curious Cat consult Doctor Duck.

Emily Fishbein, Artist: Cecilia Ja Seng

Both the Myanmar military and the Kachin Independence Army have expressed intentions to reach a bilateral ceasefire agreement in Kachin State. But while Kachin and non-Kachin alike say they’re tired of the impact of war, there’s still doubt as to whether such a ceasefire would truly hold.