A fortnightly discussion on Singapore politics and current affairs, featuring PJ Thum and guests, brought to you by New Naratif.

Sued by Singapore’s Prime Minister: Roy Ngerng’s Ridiculous Case

Blogger and researcher Roy Ngerng had his life destroyed by Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong’s defamation lawsuit. Seven years on, he talks to PJ Thum about the injustice of his case, politics in Singapore, his new life in Taiwan, and what Taiwan is like compared to Singapore.

The Power of Quasa

Producer and Presenter Thum Ping Tjin PJ Thum talks to Irie and Muhammad, two founders of Quasa, a peer support and community network for queer Muslims in Singapore. They talk about Quasa, what it does, why it’s needed, and what they want to achieve. They also discuss the lives of queer Muslims, what they want,…

Dr Chee Soon Juan’s “Orange & Teal”

PJ Thum talks to Dr Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party, about his restaurant Orange & Teal, why he started it, how the first year has gone, and what he hopes to achieve. They also talk the changing perceptions and role of the SDP in Singapore politics.


A fortnightly podcast bringing you interviews and commentary from New Naratif’s network around Southeast Asia.

The Struggle to End Child Immigration Detention in Malaysia

In this episode, we will talk about children in Malaysia’s immigration detention centres, what the deal is with the holdup in the Malaysian government, and what researchers and non-researchers can do to help advocacy moving forward.

Pegasus Spyware di Indonesia

Dalam episode kali ini kami bersama Ika Ningtyas (AJI Indonesia) dan Imal (SAFENet) akan membahas tentang laporan Indonesia Leaks, dampak Pegasus terhadap hak asasi manusia di Indonesia, dan peran masyarakat sipil dalam situasi ini.

Pegasus Spyware in Southeast Asia

In this episode, we will talk about The Citizen Lab reports on Pegasus spyware, the lawsuit against NSO and Thai government, the impact of Pegasus on human rights, and the role of civil society.


New Naratif’s Flash Fiction podcast brings you five- to seven-minute stories submitted by the audience.


In this surreal piece on environmental decay, imageries of monsters, economic collapse, gross ecological excesses, guilty pleasures, and hints of internalised queerphobia all coalesce into a blend of poetic cosmic horror. While not explicitly portraying identifiable elements of queerness and ecology, Yi Feng’s piece manages to capture the ambient strangeness of queer ecology in its…

Go On

Himas portrays yet another beautiful story of love, loss, and longing. While her previous entry presents a world of potential liberation in the midst of impossible challenges, this current story tells of the soul-crushing loss and loneliness that queer people of lesser resources face from hate crime and environmental exploitation on a regular basis.

The Lesser Known Part of the Timun Mas Tale

With two stories where one frames the other, Bageur presents yet another exploration of queer ecology within indigenous cultures with his unique retelling of the Indonesian folktale of Timun Mas. This in itself is beautiful, but the frame story of a gay dad telling this story to his son—and especially the context thereof—is a true…