The False Scarcity in Singapore’s Meritocracy

Meritocracy is marketed as a system for the management of scarce resources but is in fact the imposition and justification for scarcity. This article examines university education in Singapore as the prime site for the production of meritocratic ideology and considers the consequences more generally on the Singapore polity.


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Raffles Must Fall Header

Raffles Must Fall? The Memory and History of Colonialism

The story of the Raffles statue in Singapore is a story of memory, not history. From its creation in 1887, the statue has been part of an official colonial and later post-independence narrative, created and reinterpreted by successive governments as a basis for civic unity for the island.

Romanticism in the Years of Violence by Martin Aleida

Indonesia’s Years of Violence

Indonesian writer Martin Aleida lived and wrote through a dark chapter of Indonesia’s history. His new memoir “Romanticism in the Years of Violence” sheds new light on the oppression and stigma faced by journalists in Indonesia in the 1960s. To access this post, you must purchase a Membership.

The faces of Putu Oka and Goenawan

Putu Oka and Goenawan

Putu Oka Sukanta and Goenawan Muhammad reflect on Indonesia’s Years of Violence and their friendship with Martin Aleida. Supplementary material for “Indonesia’s Years of Violence”.


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