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In the future, Singapore is protected from soaring temperatures by a plexiglass dome known as the Fishbowl. Who would want to live Outside? But when May ventures Outside, she finds something she could never have in the Fishbowl.



In New Singapore, Kevin, an Accident Inspector, has always wanted to be a Grand Meteorologist, and now he might have a chance. Though at what cost?

Editors’ Note

In May 2021, New Naratif put out a call for pitches for a creative writing pilot. We both wanted to see pitches for flash fiction, also known as micro-fiction, around the theme Speculative Futures in the Climate Crisis. We chose this theme because we believe that imagining a better world is the first step toward creating one.

We received pitches from writers around the region, mostly from young and emerging writers, which was very exciting for us. In selecting successful pitches, we tried to ensure variety both in story concepts and in regional diversity.

We achieved that with our final four stories. Each one is distinct in how it imagines the future. Some of them are bleak, which is to be expected from young writers who are living through the climate crisis. However, at least two stories present ways to not only survive but thrive together within our region. Even the more pessimistic stories about the future act as cautionary tales. They invite us to write different futures for ourselves.

This project would not have been possible without these four talented authors. We thank them for their trust in us, and for their patience throughout the long publication process. We both worked on launching this pilot while working at our full-time jobs.

We hope you will enjoy these four stories and start dreaming up a better world. If you want to see more fiction at New Naratif, please let us know using the form below.

Deborah Augustin and Minxi Chua

Imagining a better world is the first step toward creating one.

Our movement needs members to remain independent and sustainable.