Marc LeQuieu giving a lecture to Myanmar activists and others

Dr. Sasa Visits a Bomb-Making Class

Months before Myanmar’s shadow government declared war on the military, an American gun enthusiast taught activists to build crude bombs that could kill soldiers and civilians alike. Amid a global charm campaign, opposition leader Dr. Sasa praised their efforts.


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Deeply reported stories about people and power in Southeast Asia

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The Anti-Vietnamese Legacy of Kem Ley

There were two sides to Kem Ley, the beloved Cambodian activist who was murdered five years ago: the calm, insightful public intellectual, and the hyperbolic nationalist who wanted to rid Cambodia of “illegal Vietnamese immigrants”, writes Tim Frewer.

Malaysia’s Hypocrisy on Palestine

For Malaysian politicians, speaking out in support of Palestinians is a well-worn tradition, especially when Israeli oppression makes headlines. However, by depriving refugees of basic rights at home, these same leaders undermine the Palestinian cause, writes Wael Qarssifi.


Explainer: Dark Day(s) in Malaysia as the Empire Strikes Back

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a week for Malaysians as they watched their politicians horse-trading and jockeying for political gain. Following the appointment of Muhyiddin Yassin to the premiership, Malaysians are worried that all their efforts to create lasting change in their country might be for naught.