Quarantined Feelings: A Short Film

In this short film produced in collaboration with BEBESEA, Bradley Jason Pantajo tells us a story of a mother separated from her family and dealing with physical, psychological, and emotional isolation that OFWs and their families face.


How Bad Laws Are Created and Abused in Singapore (A POFMA Case Study)

PJ uses POFMA as a case study to demonstrate how Singapore’s People’s Action Party government writes poorly worded laws that give themselves immense amounts of power, while misleading the Singaporean people by saying the laws will be used responsibly and for good purposes but then using the law chiefly to silence critics and suppress opposition.

How the Oxley Road Scandal shows the Weakness of Public Institutions in Singapore

PJ explains Singapore’s Oxley Road dispute between Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his siblings, Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang; how Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy is crucial to the PAP continuing to win elections and monopolising power; how this demonstrates the weakness of public institutions in Singapore; and how Singapore has the appearance…

Fighting Forward

In this special episode produced in collaboration with BEBESEA, Ali Reza Yawari shows us the life of a refugee lost in the middle of a country that doesn’t acknowledge his status as he finds himself through Taekwondo.

The Women Tree Planters of Sukau

Since 2008, women from Sabah’s Sukau Village have planted trees to connect forest fragments and preserve the area’s biodiversity. COVID-19 stopped their work for months, resulting in the deaths of many newly planted trees. Now, they have returned to the forest.

UN Peacekeepers’ Forgotten Children in Cambodia

Thirty years ago, a peace treaty officially ended the war in Cambodia and brought thousands of United Nations peacekeepers to the country. The now adult children they fathered and abandoned still face poverty, discrimination and family strains.


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