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New Naratif Turns 5: Voices of Faith

More important than the awards are the real changes that New Naratif has brought to various individuals and organisations. Marsha and Ellena revisit some voices that continue to give them faith in the dreams of New Naratif.

In Need of Cleaning

The promise of high wages draws Indonesian migrant workers to Singapore. However, exploitative practices by agents such as deducting monthly salaries and charging illegal fees make life difficult for the migrant workers and their families back home.

Learning in Lockdown

Our son lost in-person social and emotional support from his teachers when the pandemic forced a shift towards remote learning. We worked to mitigate its effects—but not all families in the Philippines can afford to do the same for children with disabilities.


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Explore the personal and political through the eyes of Southeast Asian artists.

Our movement needs members to remain independent and sustainable.


Ripple Effect

My mother became a refugee in her own country during the Indonesian War of Independence. The experience reverberated through the rest of her life.


NN Explains: Authoritarianism

Unlike totalitarianism, there can be some degree of free speech and debate over policies in authoritarian systems. But those who challenge the leaders’ authority often become targets of physical or emotional abuse.